Sunday, 27 November 2011

i heart food photography

You may have noticed that I am obsessed with photos. I love taking them, I love ogling them. And recently, since I started my blog really, I have taken a keen interest in food photography. You may also know that I love to bake. You may also know that recently I landed my first ever writing gig. As part of this gig I get to take photos of food. How convenient.

On weekends I love to plan what I am going to cook and can happily spend an entire day baking and snapping away. I was browsing through my photos today and decided I would share a few with you. Now I am quite clueless when it comes to the settings on my Canon and at the moment am relying solely on my love of food, lighting and some props. My limited camera skill is no doubt very obvious to a professional photographer but hey, I am having a ball so who cares if the ISO and aperture is set incorrectly! Right? Right.


  1. Oh my, these photos are gorgeous. I love the strawberries. And who cares about the technicalities? As long as you're having fun! Happy snapping :)

  2. They look seriously fabulous from here.
    I laughed (at myself) when I started reading this.
    I attempted some food photography as I was making a zucchini and tomato lasagne last night.
    Let's just say my shots bear little resemblance to your beauties!!

  3. Anonymous7:19 pm GMT+8

    The fruit especially looks delish, there is nothing better for summer !! ;)

  4. Food photography is usually still life, and you know EXACTLY how to set up the shot. Look at the one with the blueberries in the bowl! Not to mention how perfect the actual food looks itself, everything is perfectly spaced and exactly what you would find in a cook book. You have a really good eye for still/food photography, don't doubt yourself! :)

  5. Oh and you have BEAUTIFUL lighting in your kitchen!

    Regards, lover of lighting (Flossy). x

  6. Oh my eyes my eyes :) Food porn at its best hun xx

  7. Thank you ladies, I do enjoy setting up photos and then seeing the results through the lens.

    Flossy that is some compliment! I take all my shots in my dining room, I have a full wall of window so it's all natural light. I think that is the key to food photography, natural light and no flash. :) xo

  8. Well I am currently drooling looking at all these scrumptious photos - so I think that is credit to your photography skills

  9. Anonymous8:57 am GMT+8

    beautiful photos peggy. the fruit looks amazing. i love the simplicity and clean colour. xo.


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