Saturday, 26 November 2011

Jacaranda Festival

Each year towards the end of spring once the Jacaranda bloom our local Rotary Club hosts the Jacaranda Festival in our neighbourhood. It commences my favourite time of year – the Jacaranda lined streets signify summer is near and the purple streets look sensational.

The festival features various food and craft stalls, lots of fun activities for the kids and a place to mingle with the locals and enjoy a lovely day out. It isn’t an attraction only for the locals though, people from all over Perth pop into the Village to check it out.

The annual Jacaranda Festival

Straight to an information board

Turban Chopsticks

For parasol painting

Every arty child's dream!

A festival is not complete without an ice-cream van

The Good Grocer - Applecross Village


Indian delight

I heart ribbon

Free face painting

Feathered friends

A very tolerant rabbit! The chicks were clambering all over him.

Chick gathering

Kids never tire of holding farm animals

Sleepy chick

My son has always wanted a guinea pig. He loved this active little fella.

Of course there were clowns!

Pretty colours and fabric

Spoiled little pooch

We got a hello

Live music

Wyening Mission Farm products

Resting hound


Chloe the friendly little sausage - check out her flippers!

Dancing lady on stilts

Little craft hands

i heart fabric
And then I spotted cinnamon buns. And then I bought two.

What a wonderful day. Of course now I wish I had bought more food, I am hiding the remaining cinnamon bun from the boys. I will eat it in hiding if I have to!

Are there any annual festivals in your neighbourhood? Do you like to go and mingle with the locals?


  1. OHHHH!!! The dachie being held by his owner is ADORABLE! Looks like we missed heaps of cool stuff. Great piccies, love the one of the little girls clothing. :) And the baby animals in blankets. Couldn't be cuter man.

  2. We celebrate a Festival of Trees on the 10th of December. People decorate a tree and the best wins a price. Father christmas visits the town, there are art and craft stalls also. It is on small scale as this is our off season ( cyclone season)and we have only 2500 "locals" and not many tourist in town, still fun though.

  3. A perfect day! I bought one of those buns too :)

  4. Looks like a glorious day.

  5. I love a festival Peggy, this one looked amazing! What a pretty name for it too, jacarandas are just beautiful. Cinnamon buns are one of life's sweet pleasures, I'm glad you bought two :o) xo

  6. Glad you had a lovely day Peggy.
    Must mark it on the calendar for one to get to

  7. Love it all and wish I could go too!

    i also love that red pot with red flowers - sigh!

  8. @Flossy, there is nothing cute than baby animals in blankets! The sight of the little kids holding them with love was so gorgeous.

    @Mum, that sounds great. Santa is coming to town? You better behave yourself then. ;)

    @Alison, the buns were dreamy. I found out who makes them, they have a facebook page. When I was taking the photo the guy asked 'you're not trying to steal our recipe are you?', very friendly folks.

    @Shar, it was glorious. Such a nice way to unwind after a busy week.

    @Julie, I asked for one and then thought, I know I will want another later. ha! Always planning ahead when it comes to food. ;)

    @Clare, good idea, definitely worth a visit. You could have a squizz around your old neighbourhood while you're here. :)

    @Deb, that red pot sits on the counter at my son's favourite cafe (they make the best milkshakes apparently), we frequent it quite a lot. Behind it were tents set up selling meat, the red really caught my eye with the dull coloured background.

  9. The festival looks fabulous! We have some lovely local outdoor festivals and events in Brisbane - one of the advantages of the brilliant sunny weather. I love going to famers, craft and trash and treasure type markets for a similar experience.


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