Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Summer is here!

I have patiently waited all year for this. I love summer. I love everything that epitomises summer – the heat, bright sunny days, the beach, bbqs, long days, shoe string straps, sandals, tshirts, summer fruits, salads, beach sand...did I mention the beach?

When I think of summer I think of happiness and joy. I think of yellow.

Right, where is my bikini!?

{image source: Pinterest}


  1. Anonymous4:48 pm GMT+8

    Thongs, love wearing thongs in summer, yellow is sooo sunny cant help but make you smile!

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention thongs! I also love to wear them, I can't wait to dig them out once the warmer weather hits!

  3. These are such gorgeous piccies and I totally want that bike! I love this time of the year too. Balmy nights, sunny days = pure joy :) xx

  4. Aaahh. I share your joy.
    But, probably not your patience in waiting!

  5. I'd give anything to be riding along the beach esplanad on that yellow bike, breathing in the flowering yellow scent while sucking on those icy poles - yellow bliss!

  6. Ooooops, this post reminds me that we live on opposite hemispheres! Here, December is the start of the cold winter season!!! No bikinis for a looooong time, LOL


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