blogs i heart

I have been intrigued and inspired so much since I entered the blogosphere. Sometimes I read posts that have me nodding my head in agreement, smiling with happiness, feeling sincere sadness but mostly I am inspired. I find ideas when I least expect it and my eyes are opened to new things every day. I love blogging. I also love sharing. So here are some of my favourites.  

There is nothing ordinary about Cate. She is one of the most inspiring (up there with my Mum) people I have met. I happened to come across Cate on twitter and was blown away at her compassion and selfless nature. I can't describe her, really, you need to follow her yourself. And while you are there please try to contribute to her cause in some way, if not financially at least by spreading the word. I am intrigued by this lady, simply amazing.

A Baby Called Max
I adore Cherie of A Baby Called Max. If I walked into a room full of people I know I would be drawn to Cherie. She is lovely and friendly and approachable and likeable. And on top of that she is refreshingly honest about things I have an interest in - life and its daily goings on.

Anyone that loves Marimekko as much as me instantly gets my attention! I was initially drawn to Amelie in Wonderland by the title - Amelie is one of my favourite names and 'wonderland' is such an intriguing word. Then of course I spotted Marimekko's Unikko design splashed about and I was sold! Teresa writes so beautifully. She is crazy about crafts and has been known to pull an all-nighter to get her teeth sunk into creating prettiness! *LOVE*

Sonali is The Foodie Physician. She features the most delicious looking dishes and she highlights nutritional facts and tidbits that I find very informative. Sonali also posts her amazing concoctions on Instagram, if you are a foodie you want to follow her. You do. 

Ahh Beth, I love Beth's home and her sparkling windows and her gorgeous photos of her girls. When I am having a grumpy 'woe is me, why do I have to work' day I find strolling through her blog picks me up. She writes with wit and a sense of humour that tickles my funnybone, check her out! 

Oh Eden, I LOVE Eden (in a non-weird, cyber sort of way). Eden exudes wit and the ability to laugh at not-always-humorous situations. I find Eden's writing so refreshingly raw, sometimes sad, mostly funny and very real. When she hasn't posted for a few days I go strolling through her archives. There's so much to read about Eden.

I stumbled across this little blog and was instantly intrigued. What an amazing idea! Kellie and her girls plant little homes of happiness in various places, filled with words from their home, and then share images and the inspiration behind each post. They intend on planting 1000 of them. Simply lovely.

A way to a wanna-be vegetarian's heart! Veggie Mama is all sass and vegetables. And she throws in some sweet treats and other surprises too. Stacey is also just plain adorable.

Shar is Mum on the Run. Although I have not met her in person I can imagine she is bubbly and fun and just nice to be around. When I read her blog I imagine she is smiling. She is funny too, nice and funny. What a lovely combination!

Mama of 2 boys is the musings of Julie; a friendly, honest mama. I love reading about what is going on in the land of the 2 boys. Julie likes the beach and baking, say no more! I love her view of the world through her lens. 

Now I am not ashamed to share all that I am grateful for, and how pleasantly surprised was I when I came across a whole linky thing on gratefulness! Maxabella loves hosts a grateful link up every weekend. I love this, my opportunity to share my gratefulness and then check out other grateful bloggers. Always a good read.

Cakies is a good old-fashioned family day out. I love Cakie's photos of her family, updates on her daily life and her attitude. She is full of love and adoration for her family. A bit like me. Only with 3 more kids!

Flossy aka Sarah is one of the oldest souls I have ever met. She is strikingly gorgeous (I know her in the real world) and oozes serious street cred. There are no flies on Sarah, she does not miss a beat. On the outside she is bounds of luscious locks and a figure to die for, and on the inside a world of knowledge and spiritual awareness. You seriously want to take a look at her blog, her journey will be fabulous! Oh and she takes a mean photo.

This was one of the first blogs I ever read. I was blown away by Dorian's gut-wrenching honesty through his journey of recovery after an accident left him with a head injury. One of the best reads. I just want to reach out and tell him it will be alright. Raw and very real.

This girl can pickle! And jam. She has 2 blogs, the other is called tigress in a jam. The way she can whip up a year's worth of butter with all natural ingredients is mesmerising. Oh to live on a farm and do as she does. I seriously intend to try some of her recipes. She also shows photos with step-by-step instructions. All natural awesomeness!

Image source: via Peggy on Pinterest