Saturday, 24 September 2011

Turning dreams into plans

Like I mentioned earlier here, I have always loved writing. It is the one thing that comes naturally to me. From as young as I can remember I could find hours of enjoyment with a pencil and paper. I just love writing.

So, you can imagine how so very excited I was today to be offered my very first writing job! I was asked if I would be interested in writing material for a business newsletter and obviously I said yes. My interest was not only raised due to the fact that the opportunity for me to write is a dream, but also as I am fully supportive of this business. I don't doubt I will be inspired by what it has to offer. I seriously felt like skipping home, I am simply ecstatic!

I wondered recently why I didn’t get into writing once I finished school, it would have made perfect sense. I had no idea what I wanted to do at that age, I wonder why I never even considered writing. So now, at the ripe age of 40, I am pursuing that dream.
Simply ecstatic!

Have you ever pursued a dream and wondered why you didn't do so earlier? 

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  1. ...and you write so beautifully. Congratulations on the writing position. it sounds marvellous!

  2. That's fantastic - congratulations!
    I guess, sometimes the timing just has to be right to do justice to that dream.

  3. Thank you Kellie, I am very excited! It is literally a dream come true. I didn't think 3 months ago when I started my blog that it would happen THIS quickly. I had set myself a 3 year timeframe to find writing work. So chuffed. :) xo

  4. That is too true Shar, it is all about timing. It seems to have all fallen into place at the right time too. Very lucky. :)

  5. You have a real gift for writing Peggy so I am so glad you have finally pursued your dream, because now we get to share in it. :) xx Sonia

  6. Thank you Sonia, that's very nice. I am very happy to share my blogging (and writing) world with you. :) xo

  7. So very proud of you Peggy! Dreams do come true and you sure have got one of yours. You were always a creative writer with immagination second to none and not mentioning the dramatic letter you wrote to me as a way of saying good bye when you didn't want to leave your friends and change schools. I love you for what you have become and what you have achieved in your life. xx

  8. Oh well done Peggy, this is fantastic news!
    It is also remarkably timely for me to read about your dream, as just recently I have been thinking more and more about my love of writing. It has always just been a hobby I'm passionate about, but various events of late have left me wondering whether it is something I should actually be pursuing, rather than the path I've been on for so long. Time will tell I guess. Look forward to hearing more about your first official writing job :o) xo

  9. HAHA thanks Mum, trust you to remember that letter! Good thing I have it or I imagine it would wind up on here somehow. :p

    You have always been my biggest fan, I remember in high school you often praised me on my writing efforts. Thanks for the ongoing support. xo

  10. Do it Julie, you have NOTHING to lose. That is the beauty of writing I think, it costs nothing and if it feels natural and you love it, then why not! I am sure we will both look back at this point in the future and be grateful we did follow our dreams. Do it.

    You do write beautifully, I for one would be reading it. :) xo


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