eye candy

I make no secret about the fact I love to share. I love sharing pretty sights, foods I try and like, things that make me laugh and things that make me smile. I also make no secret about the fact I do like all things pretty (I intially wanted to call my blog ‘all things pretty’ but it was taken).

Whenever I come across something that puts a smile on my face I just have to spread the word. I also don’t suffer fools when it comes to service, and if it’s bad service I don’t gripe but I certainly don’t share. I only share the good stuff baby!

The Vintage Table was established by a charming lady named Alison. I personally know Alison, and just as you would if you met her I was instantly intrigued by her wit and her personal style. This lady knows a thing or two about vintage design. Her collection of antique and vintage pieces is extensive and truly impressive. Take a look for yourself. Oh and you may want to consider hiring the services of The Vintage Table for your next high tea, ladies luncheon or wedding. Simply exquisite and dressed to impress.

Luis La Pegna is the epitome of interior design charm. Walk into his boutique and you will be mesmerised. DLUX has two stores, one in West Perth and the other in Nedlands. I happened to spot a pink ottoman in the window of the West Perth boutique and promptly went in to purchase it. The pieces in DLUX are, well deluxe! If you live in the Perth metro area and you love stylish interiors, you may want to pop into DLUX. Give Luis an air kiss for me and tell him I sent you. Apparently he makes a mean Nespresso. In the meantime check out their website, totally swoon-worthy!

ps...if you ever dine out at Beluga in Claremont, check out the interior.

I was on the look out for some art to adorn the walls of my office and was recommended to take a look at Salu Art. I didn’t look anywhere else. Within weeks Samantha had been out to colour-match and draw up some specially designed pieces to suit the walls. The finished pieces are dreamy, I love them! Salu Art do screen print designs to all sizes and have a million ideas. My love of the Chrylser building started here. I heart Salu Art. Again, if you are in the Perth metro area, drop into Salu Art’s showroom. Tell Samantha and Luke I said HI!

The name says it all. This little pocket rocket really IS the Queen of Cakes. I was introduced to Julie’s masterpieces at a wedding. I went home with a cupcake under each arm and sat in bed hours later devouring them. So started my obsession with Julie’s jaffa marble mud with ganache topping. Just delightful. I have since purchased Christmas themed cupcakes (twice), birthday cupcakes and cake. Julie loves to be given a theme and she runs with it, never disappointing. If you like really good cake you HAVE to try out Queen of Cakes. A treat for the tastebuds!