Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday Musings - gratitude in abundance

I am a huge advocate of loving what you have rather than coveting that which you don't. I feel that wanting possessions with the thought they'll make you happy is an endless task; once you acquire something you only go on to wanting something more. As clich├ęd as it may sound, the sooner we love what we have the sooner we'll find contentment.

I can say this as I have come from a previously unhappy and discontented place. I now, in my happiest state, live in a humble, small abode. I drive a 15 year old car that rattles. I wear whatever I can find in my closet, seasons over. I rarely really have a need for material items unless they will serve a purpose (ie I need a new kitchen) or I come across something I absolutely MUST have (ie something dreamy by Marimekko). I wear the same makeup daily and only replace it when it's finished. I wear the same jewellery daily and have done for years. I furnished my home when we bought it and will probably not furnish it again unless something breaks.

I find happiness in moments, my loved ones, my surroundings. I had my niece and nephews stay over for most of this past week, that made me smile. My brother and sister in law visited a few times, that made me smile. My husband and son had a boys day out and went out for lunch together, that made me smile. Seeing my family happy makes me smile.

So as the end of my holidays draw near I find myself feeling grateful for the quality time I have been able to spend with my dearest for the past two weeks. I have been able to sit through Diary of a Wimpy Kid and actually watch it in its entirety with my son, without needing to get up and do chores that need doing with my usual limited time. As I look through my sparkling clean windows into my spring-cleaned back garden (as I say, it really is the simple things) I am grateful I had the quality time to fuss over my abode without it encroaching heavily on my family time. I smile to myself. I smile over these simple moments that fill my heart with joy, and I am grateful.

A shiny, fancy car and a huge, fancy home could never provide all that.

Bubbles of bliss... finishing my laundry by noon, on a Monday. no Mondayitis. belly laughs at the cinema. shiny windows and blinds. Karcher love on my back yard. seeing my son in the company of his cousins. laughs with my niece and nephews. seeing my nephew play footy. sunny days. spring weather. lots of baking. hearing my nephew say my first attempt at this pasta dish was 'awesome'. my sister-in-law coming over and mowing my lawn (bless). receiving my beloved Erin Condren planner *swoon*.
Here's to a week that's filled with smiles and gratitude, make it fabulous!

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  1. Yep, I may not have all the things I want, but I sure want the things I do have.

  2. I remember back say 30 or even 40 years back when I used feel unhappy, I thought buying something nice would make me feel better, it did for that moment. Now if I feel sad, I read your blog and that seems to fix for me.
    I so admire you all young ladies and mums, how you all are so level headed. Your love for your children, the time you spend with them, I envy you all. I was always too busy working and cleaning or doing things that didn't matter rather than spending time with my children, watching them grow up or watchimg do what ever they did. I've learned more about you Pegs through reading your blog than I did when you were growing up....shame on me. I love you lots xxoo

  3. You'll be all "Marimekkoed" out by the time you get you laptop bag and the other Marimekko bag.

  4. Yep, so many of those simple things I also hold so dear to me Peggy. Couldn't agree more that happiness comes from people who mean the world to us and not from material possessions. I love a new purchase as much as the next person, but I am also incredibly basic and functional with the things I do buy. I don't like wastage and therefore often don't usually replace things for many, many, MANY years. So pleased you had such a fulfilling holiday :o) xo

  5. Peggy I love your outlook on life. It is soooo down to earth and refreshing. I must admit that at times I do get caught up in materialistic things and then I read something as lovely as this and it gives me a reminder of what is real and what is important.
    Thank you for reminding me today :) xx

  6. Nice one Shar, live and appreciate. That's the way. :)

  7. Oh Mum you are too kind. You did an AMAZING job nurturing us and making sure we had everything we needed as kids. You did spend time with us, all the time. Have you forgotten? I remember always hanging off you when you were baking or just pottering around the house, and how we'd go shopping together. I think parenting styles change as the generations move on, but what you did when we were kids was still very significant.

    We wouldn't be such great friends if you weren't an awesome mother. :)

    And I will never, ever be marimekkoed out, the more the better! I think a girl can never have too much Marimekko. xox

  8. Julie you have a great outlook. I too enjoy a good purchase, I was just trying to convince my husband I NEED a laptop to get stuck into my writing. Like you, my purchases are mostly of a practical nature though. Mostly. :) xo

    @ Sonia, you're welcome lovely. I need reminding too at times, and when I realise and write down my true thoughts it does refresh my memory. I think it is ok to enjoy material possessions, they do serve a purpose. As long as we don't rely on them, rather than the real things that matter, to make us happy. :) xo

  9. My need for material objects has definitely altered since I fell pregnant .. Rob is desperate for a new coffee machine but I'm just loving watching our yard transform instead, thats enough for me! It means we can have friends and family over and entertain in a beautiful garden setting! What more could one ask for?!


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