Sunday, 16 October 2011

Exmouth - beach sand bliss!

This time last year we were just coming home from a trip to visit my Mum in Exmouth. I am ashamed to say although I have travelled extensively outside of Australia (mostly SE Asia) I have not travelled through Australia aside from a couple of trips as a kid. The catalyst for us heading up north was my Mum. When we got there however I was in awe of its beauty, why had I not been there before?
It is no secret I am a born beach bum. I could spend my every day at the beach perched on the sand. I personally think in WA we have some of the best beaches in the world. Big call I know but I am a fan of the beach and I know what makes one special. Cottesloe beach is definitely one of my favourites. I wasn’t even that impressed with Cable Beach in Broome and think Cottesloe is much nicer in comparison. I think myself very lucky to be living so close to such beauty. To then arrive in laidback, chilled out Exmouth and be taken to Bundegi Beach, I could have moved in.
We spent many days relaxing, swimming and snorkelling at Bundegi. My 10 year old even taught his grandmother how to snorkel. At the young age of 60 something she had never snorkelled. Well she has now. My boys jumped off the jetty, got a glimpse at the local wildlife, went fishing, met the "locals" and just basked in nature that is abundant in Exmouth.
As well as other amazing spots – Pebble Beach, Yardi Creek, the Lighthouse, beaches galore - we visited what I had heard was the best beach in Exmouth on our second last day. Turquoise Bay. It is in every sense of the word breathtaking. Needless to say we spent our last day there too. I can see why my Mum was drawn to retire there, if hubby gave the nod we’d be heading up to live there right now. It is a peaceful town with zero crime and sights that are in their natural state just amazing. And the local wildlife is so friendly, my son had friends greeting him at every corner.
Bundegi Jetty
Bundegi Beach
Beach sand bliss!
Jetty jumping
Yardi Creek Gorge
A spot of fishing for the lads 
The long open road
My son is obsessed with WWII history, so this was right up his alley
Pebble Beach - needs no explanation
Turquoise Bay
Off for a spot of snorkelling
Turquoise Bay - must be seen to be believed!
This little dude walked out on the road as we approached in our car, then turned around and walked off again. In the rear view mirror I saw him toddle out onto the road as another car approached. Clearly he likes tourists.
The wildlife pop out to say howdy!
Hubby saw whales while out on the boat
Mingling with "the locals"

With all the amazing sights and relaxed lifestyle it has on offer Exmouth proved a real treat. We came home very rejuvenated. I didn’t even feel the daily stress of working life kick in for weeks after I returned to work, which is proof we had a wonderfully relaxing time. And the highlight, seeing my son cuddle his grandmother.
Wonderful memories.


  1. Oh Peggy, these pics are amazing! And the blue of that water... stunning! What lovely memories to have for you and your boys, not to mention the time spent with their Nana, just lovely.
    Definitely putting Exmouth and Turquoise Bay on the 'to do' list :o) xo

  2. Exmouth is a lovely, peaceful place to live. I don't think I could settle back to a city life again. The weather is great most of the year. A piece of paridise!

  3. Wow I am so sorry we didn't go a little further up to Exmouth. It is a paradise on Earth.

  4. Ps. I forgot about the snorkelling....I've never drank so much salt water in my life till I got the hang of it...thanks to my little teacher. I have bought myself a snorkel and a mask...still to be used!

  5. Beth, it is TOO beautiful! Thanks for dropping by, so nice to see you here. :)

    @Julie, definitely one for the kidlets. Our Little Man was absolutely chuffed with the friendly wildlife. We just loved it, the beaches are just dreamy. I know you're an outdoors type, it will be right up your alley. :)

    @Trish, I honestly am not sure I would have thought to travel there if my Mum didn't live there. But so glad I did! Definitely planning another trip up someday.

  6. Mum that is so nice you got yourself a snorkel and mask, I will let your little teacher know! It's another world that's for sure, I can see why you chose to retire there. Enjoy lovely lady. xox

  7. Peggy, it looks like Exmouth = paradise! Such special memories captured so beautifully.

  8. Wow,the stones are like gem. I love it.


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