Saturday, 15 October 2011

Life planner for the busy working Mum

So it appears I am VERY forgetful. I forget birthdays and appointments all the time. It isn’t that I don’t remember actual dates of birthdays or appointment dates as such, it’s just that I don’t keep a good mental note of the current date  therefore dates come and go before I even realise it. I have to literally enter everything into my iPhone calendar so I don’t miss anything. With an alert.

The only problem with the iPhone calendar is on the month view you have to enter into every appointment to see what it is. So, I decided to get myself a nice little life planner. I went to look at Filofax and didn’t find anything I really liked. Then I stumbled across these beauties. Erin Condren has designed this planner with options for both weekly and monthly calendar views, little to-do and goal lists, notes sections in every month and a little pocket and zip lock compartment at the back to store items. It covers the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012. There are also options for patterns and design, and you can add your own name. Plus, IT HAS TABS!

Every girl loves a pretty parcel.

peggy & boys - of course.

Month view - with tabs for each month.

Sweet words.

Inspiring words.

Coloured stickers and pre-printed stickers with ‘birthday’ and ‘wedding’ etc. I heart stickers.

Tidy little pocket and zip lock compartment to keep items.

I have to admit the delivery was very steep, I paid about $57 for delivery to my door from the US. As the planner itself was $50 I calculated that even with the delivery fee it was still cheaper than a Filofax. And so very much worth it. I think though there are probably ways to get cheaper delivery, ie discount coupons. Worth a look if you're interested in getting one.
Did I mention THERE ARE TABS?


  1. the erin team3:00 am GMT+8

    awww thank you so much for the great post - we are thrilled that you love your planner! enjoy!

  2. Oh I soooo need one of these! I am a shocker at remembering things. There are many birthdays that have been missed and I have been known to accidently stand people up for coffee dates - I am terrible. This is definately worth investigating. I heart tabs too - sticky notes make me feel more organised.

  3. But... are there tabs??!!

    That is super special.
    Love the 'Peggy & Boys'.
    Actually, love all of it.

    Worth every cent.
    I would be lost without my planner/organiser/diary.

    Happy filling in & stickering.
    I get a tad too excited when I get my planner for the next year and start filling it!

    Would just be great if it had tabs though!!

  4. Oh! You find the BEST things!

    This has just been added to my 'to buy' list!


  5. Oh that is gorgeous Peggy. Like a planner and a work of art all in one. I love stickers too... AND tabs! ;o)
    Peggy and boys is super cute also xo

  6. Thank you Erin Condren team, I love it! Can't wait to see the iPhone cases.

  7. Teresa I find with the more I have to do the more reckless I get. I have put EVERYTHING into this diary, even chores I want to get done around the house. I have these moments of thought but since I don't write them down I totally forget. Hopefully not anymore! :)

  8. Shar the tabs are great! Though a bookmark or page clip would work just as well. :) I figured even with the expensive delivery fee the initial cost the of the planner was very reasonable. I love it!

    @ Cherie, definitely one for the must-buy list! They will also be releasing personalised iPhone cases soon. YUM!

    @ Julie, I didn't want to just put my name on it as it will essentially be planning for my boys too. :) It is a work of art, so pretty. xo

  9. It looks gorgeous I am terrible at remembering birthdays - love FB for reminders.

  10. Oh yes Trish, what would we do without FB birthday reminders?!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  11. Oh my ... I just fell in love!!


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