Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Blessed with choice

Every day I make a million choices. I choose not to lose my cool at the crazy driver on the freeway. I choose to make the most of the day no matter what the weather. I choose to see the good in people. I choose to accept the not-so-good in people. I choose to appreciate my job even though I envy stay-at-home mums. I choose not to let others upset me. I choose to not engage in idle gossip (most times). I choose not to try to assume others’ actions or make assumptions over their words. I choose to let others know if I am unhappy with their behaviour if it directly affects me. I choose not to lose my cool over insignificant events. I choose not to spend my spare time watching tv. I choose to spend my time doing things that bring me joy. I choose to appreciate what I have rather than complain over that which I don’t. I choose not to compare myself to others. I choose to love myself and treat myself kindly. I choose to treat others with kindness.
And on the first morning back at work after two fabulous weeks off with my loved ones, I choose to appreciate my lovely office, my lovely colleagues and the fact I have the ability and the choice to work.
I choose to make today amazing!

What will you choose to do with your day?

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  1. I choose to keep coming to your blog, because every time I make that choice, I read something like this, & feel inspired, & happy.

    I love your set of values. They're infectious.

  2. I choose to live in the now and not waste precious energy on negativity.

    I choose to read things that challenge and motivate me - like you.

  3. Oh Cherie you are TOO KIND! Thank you. And thank you for coming back. :)

  4. Shar that's the way. How we use our energy is a choice and you are obviously wise in your choice.

    I am rapt that I motivate you, thank you (that is a huge compliment coming from a positive soul such as yourself). :)


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