Sunday, 3 June 2012

Summer dreaming

Image by Ali Mitton

I know I am missing summer when I start dreaming about the ocean.

Last night I dreamt that I perched myself on someone’s beautifully manicured lawn in a beautiful leafy suburb. I unfolded a chair and just sat myself down. Within moments an Owen Wilson look-alike rocked up. He was skateboarding on the street in front of me, his blonde tousled locks bouncing around happily in the sun. Then a blonde European tourist turned up, (how do we know the background of people in our dreams?) and another, and before I knew it there was a friendly street party taking place in the middle of the day on some stranger’s front lawn under the shade of big, leafy trees. I was recording the summer capers on my iPhone, taking photos of smiling faces and the sun glistening on the bronzed shoulders of the European tourists. They were skateboarding and dancing to summer tunes, smiling faces filling up the lawn.

Before I woke up the party wound up in the ocean. Owen Wilson’s doppelgänger and the blonde tourists were riding the waves. Suddenly my nephew was present – might have something to do with the fact I spend a lot of time at the beach with him – and we were laughing and smiling at the antics of a few friendly dogs paddling around us. Dogs? Yeah I know, no idea.

My dream ended among summer smiles and splashing surf, it was the epitome of summer bliss as it is in my real world. I woke up realising it was in fact still winter.

I miss summer.


  1. Me too.
    Love your dreaming.
    :-) x

    1. It was a good one. Once a summer baby... xo


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