Wednesday, 4 January 2012

i heart food photography II

I am very fortunate to be able to apply my love of food photography in my writing job for The Lettuce Shop, also my fresh produce supplier. As I am passionate about food and food photography, the collaboration could not be more suited. And of course I enjoy preparing and photographing food in my spare time just for fun. My soul food.

Pasta Provencale | Rocket, pear & walnut salad | Roasted sweet potato salad | Banana date loaf | BBQ King Prawns with chilli, soy & coriander dipping sauce - recipe to be posted shortly | Finnish Joulutorttu.

All homemade, photographed and enjoyed with love!


  1. And I love food - so this is a perfect relationship here!!
    Congratulations - and thank you for the foodspiration.
    :-) x

  2. Yum, you're making me hungry, especially since the first few are things we eat at home!

  3. It's okay I always carry a adult bib for my drewl xxxx

  4. I'm salivating! They are beautiful dishes and beautiful photos. I really need to work on my cooking, it's really gone downhill since having kids-I just seem to have no patience for cooking with kids around my ankles :-( how do you do it?? Mel xx

  5. Yummo! That all looks so delish! Funny though, every second blogger is talking about dieting/weight loss and every other blogger is talking about food.

  6. Shar you're very welcome, I have plenty more where this came from! ;)

    Laura I get hungry looking at food photographs, especially on Instagram. Some of the stuff posted on there is amazing, inspires me to cook more!

    Beth HAHA Adult bib required when you visit my blog! I suppose you wear it whilst browsing Instagram then? Maybe I should get one...

    Mel I'll be really honest, during the working week I am not so creative. I have a few easy dishes (ie the pasta dish above and salads) that I circulate on weeknights and some nights it is just 2 minute noodles! But on the weekends I love to spend my afternoon cooking. I will often cook 2 dishes and maybe bake something at the same time. And I snap away then for my writing job so I have a little collection of recipes and photos in advance. Cooking is time consuming but I love it. If I didn't work I guess I would spend more time each day however right now it is mainly the weekends.

    Lisa I will always be the blogger talking about food! I do watch my weight but by cutting out sugar and high fat foods (and I don't drink alcohol) on a regular basis. I can't do diets, they only force me to want to eat more of what I 'shouldn't'!

  7. Hi Peggy, I popped over here from Chez's blog @ A baby called Max and am loving discovering your world! These photos are superb, I could devour each of those right now. Am your newest follower too so looking forward to seeing more of you in 2012! Happy new year ;) x

  8. I love your food photography! Let's see more of it please :)

  9. Hello Bridget, thanks so much for stopping by. Cherie is a such a kind soul for sharing! I checked out your blog, I am intrigued by your journey. I'll be seeing more of you too in 2012.

    Thanks again for stopping by, lovely to hear from you. :) xo

  10. Why thank you Lisa, that is SOME compliment! I have zero technical skill and am pretty much just pointing and shooting, but boy it is fun!

    Thanks for taking a peek. :)

  11. You are an awesome food photographer and cook! So impressed. Very bad idea to see all of these images around lunch time. Makes me want to eat more....N x

  12. Thank you Naomi. My waist is slowly expanding since recently I have started to cook more and exercise less! I have only just started to get the joy of cooking, I love trying out new dishes. And then of course I enjoy photographing them, double win! xo


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