Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Why holidays are ace

  No alarm. The 6.30am daily alarm, five days a week gets promptly turned off when my holidays start, it’s the first exciting part of taking leave.
  No agenda. I don’t have a single plan for two weeks. The only sort of plan I have is to hit the beach, and that’s it. No cleaning if I don’t want to, no work, no meetings, no deadlines. No agenda.
  I can take all day to prepare dinner. I really love this one. Do you know how boring it is coming home at 6pm every weeknight and then having to prepare dinner? And it isn’t like I have hours to do it, I still want to spend time with my boys and try to put my feet up in the few hours before bed. Right now it is 9.57am, and I am about to go prepare dinner. *love*
  Not only do I love preparing dinner early, I am preparing dessert. We don’t usually have dessert as I can’t be bothered preparing it after dinner especially on nights when I am sitting down at 8pm to eat, but on the holidays we have dessert. Last night was cut fresh mango and ice-cream, took 2 minutes to prepare but still, wouldn’t do it on a work night.
  I lose track of days. Most days I don’t even think about what day it is. This is especially nice as then I am not having to think about what I have planned for each day once I think of what day it is. Who cares what day it is!
  I let the house get messy. Actually I always do this, but on holidays I don’t get the guilts as I am in holiday mode. When I am working and I come home to a messy house I hate it, all I want to do is clean it. Right now, all I want to do is make it messy!
  Quality time with my family. This of course is my favourite part of the holidays. 24 hours a day with my boys, I wish for nothing more. I am happy.
  I can do grocery shopping at 11am on a Thursday morning! I popped into the supermarket last Thursday morning and I found myself smiling. Shopping for groceries on a weekday morning, how novel!
  I love being able to lounge around in my pjs in the morning. On weekdays I am up, showered, dressed, fed and getting kid ready for school and out the door without so much as a blink over my morning coffee. I love slothy mornings. I love eating my breakfast without having to keep glancing at the clock.
  I can get around looking like a right beach bum! I love not wearing makeup, I happily go for days without doing my hair or applying makeup. Au naturel is definitely my preferred style. Some days I just look crazy, and strangely I love it.
  No blaring iPhone reminders make for a very relaxed Peggy!
  I can relax, truly relax. I make it a priority to enjoy downtime even when I have a busy schedule and am flat out with work and everything else, however I relax the best when I have no work to do.
  My health improves. I get less headaches, in fact I have not had one since I started my leave. No neck tension, no back aches, no tired eyes, no stress related symptoms. No stress.
  I have way more time to write. Holiday bliss right there! 
  Beach time. Quality time on the sand. This needs zero explanation.

What do you love about holidays?


  1. Beautiful. I say we extend the holiday for another TWO WEEKS! Months? Years? ;)

  2. It all sounds so lovely Peggy, enjoy! (I'm back at work today *sigh*)

  3. Yay, no alarms, no plan and yes the beach finally had my first swim today :)

  4. Agree, agree, agree!
    There's no better feeling.
    I believe we are the best version of ourselves when on holiday.
    :-) x

  5. Yes Flossy YES!! Wouldn't that be nice...

    Lisa, my husband went back to work today and I felt a bit sorry for him. I will be feeling sorry for myself come Monday...but holidays sure do feel good! I hope your first day back is painless and goes fast.

    Jen, the first swim is beautiful. I feel like I've come home when I first step onto the beach again in summer. So lovely. No alarms ARE THE BEST! Enjoy yours.

    Shar, that is so true, the 'best version of ourselves' is the perfect way to put it. Less stressed, more relaxed. I take more time for the simple things when I feel less pressure too. Bliss! :)

  6. Love this Peggy! Why don't we do what the sensible people in Europe do - 4 day week instead of 5, afternoon siestas, start work earlier but finish by lunchtime......we are all a bit cheerier in our camp at the moment too and I haven't touched makeup in over 6 weeks! Enjoy the rest of your holiday time. Mel x

  7. yes and the supermarket with no children is reason for an even bigger smile :) Sometimes the little things are all that matters... enjoy :)

  8. Mel that sounds like a FABULOUS idea! Why DO WE work a 5 day week, it's so not conducive with trying to live a healthy, balanced life. Mel for PM!

    It's so lovely when we can just 'be' without the need for makeup and everything else that comes with appearance on a daily basis. I painted my nails the other day and I felt odd, all beach bum like with shimmery nails! I need to stay on break longer. Enjoy yours Mel. xo

  9. That's very true Talia, it is most definitely the little things. :)


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