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52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life - Week One

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I have been striving towards living a positive and calm existence for many years now, so it was fine work by the universe when I came across a blog that shares the same underlying message. Deb of Home Life Simplified is committed to helping and supporting others to establish a simplified life and has just kicked off a challenge that will span this entire year. 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life is Deb’s challenge where she invites others to join her in creating a supportive and encouraging community. Within this community she will coach and mentor others to help them create the life they want. I’m in!
Week one: Focus on the positive.
Where do I start! I had a fabulous year, all the fruits of my labour started to flourish and flower in 2011, I feel like this was the year where things started to finally ‘click’ for me. My focus on family over the past years was solidified by the close-knit feel among my family. We are tight, we are strong. We know as long as we stick together we can get through whatever life throws our way. It hasn’t always been easy and I understand it won’t always be, however knowing my family have my back (and I have theirs) is very comforting indeed. My family energises me, they remind me how important I am to them, they love me. I am my happiest when I am around my family. Nothing else matters, I don’t sweat the small stuff as long as my family are well and happy. Nothing else truly matters.
With the confidence I get from my family I have been very fortunate for the second part of 2011 to realise my dream of writing, and with their constant support I have put myself out there firstly by starting this blog and secondly to pursue other writing commitments. I have astounded myself with my efforts and my achievements in such a short time. And I know wholeheartedly that I have had that confidence purely due to the kind words of encouragement from my family and close friends.
I don’t like to write new year’s resolutions, but if I can continue in the same direction with the same level of support I know my dreams will only continue to flourish over years to come. And for all of that I am truly grateful.


  1. Family have a WONDERFUL way of re energising, don't they?

    I hope your writing efforts are always encouraged, because they give a lot back to people.

    I hope 2012 is merely a new & improved version of what was no doubt, an amazing 2011.

    So much love xx

  2. That is fabulous that you are close knit Peggy. Moving around all of my adult life (with hubby) it has been almost 2 decades since we were with our families for more than a few weeks at a time (and those spaced apart by 1-2 years). It is something I do miss and was part of the trade-offs for living in Australia.

    wishing you great success in 2012 as well!

  3. At the moment I can't imagine what a more simple life would look like for me so I am so drawn to this idea. Am now popping over to Debs to see what it's all about.

    After reading your plans for success and then seeing them become a reality last year, the lesson I learned from you this year, Peggy is to believe in your self.

    As you know, we believe in you too, so I look forward to cheering you on this year as you build on your success and dreams of 2011 xo

  4. I wish you all the best for your writing endeavours. Having a supportive family really does go a long way toward helping us achieve our dreams, doesn't it?

  5. Sounds good, will definitely try this too! And Peggy, I want you to know I am very happy and proud to know you. You are such a beautiful, smart and inspirational person, you deserve all the good things that come your way. Not to underestimate the hard work you have done to achieve it, of course. Your family life sounds like a dream, and it's beautiful to know that you don't take it for granted but appreciate every moment of it. Let this year be even better than the last one! :) xx

  6. Cherie: Thank you lovely. Your support and encouragement puts a smile on my face. Thank you. xo

    Deb: my mum recently retired and moved up north and I miss her terribly. But I make the most of my brother and his family living close, and also my dad. If ever we moved (or they did) I would take great comfort in the fact I made the most of the years we did live close. Enjoy the rest of your mum's visit. :)

    Teresa: as always I am delighted by your encouragement. You always remind me to keep following my dream, so thank you. :) Deb's challenge has really got me thinking, I can see so many ways I can simplify my life after thinking about it. I am very inspired by Deb. xo

    Jayne: Thanks so much for dropping in and for leaving a lovely comment. Our dreams become more realistic with the support of our loved ones, I think. I see you also love to write, enjoy!

  7. Kaisla that is so lovely, so so lovely. Thank you for your kind words.

    I make a point of appreciating my family, and I do think I am very lucky to have the family I do, cousins included. ;) I have found enjoying the small moments is what makes life so sweet. When things don't go to plan or we find ourselves feeling unhappy with circumstances focusing on the moment and what we have can totally change our perspective. Well, it works for me.

    Thanks again lovely, you made my day. :) xo


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