Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas shopping Peggy Saas style!

You may have recently heard/read about me boasting about the limited time I spend Christmas shopping. I don't enjoy browsing through the mall, and especially not in summer when the sun is shining and the outdoors are showing off. I love grocery shopping (something to do with having a full fridge and pantry - every foodie's essential) however when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc I am bored. Of course I love giving gifts and I enjoy buying gifts, but I loathe the browsing and being stuck inside a windowless building part.

Every year I do my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. This year was a little different in that I bought a few gifts online about a month or so ago, however that is as organised as I get. I was impressed with that effort, it is very unlike me to be thinking about Christmas more than days in advance. On Thursday night I thought I would (very reluctantly) pop into our local bookstore to see if the book my son has on his wish list was available. It was, as were 5 others I know he would like. Usually we only buy 2-3 gifts for him so the fact he has 5 books under the tree really is another Christmas miracle! As I left the bookstore I noticed how quiet the mall was, so rather than speeding through, eyes on the prize, I strolled on my way back to the car and popped into 3 more stores along the way. Within an hour I had completed half of my entire gift shopping. Awesome, right?

So last night I got to bed early (for me) and got up early (for me) to hit the stores. I can't lie, I was cringing to myself especially as Perth is boasting a beautiful sunny day today and like every other summers day the beach beckons. By 9am I was on my way to the mall, and within one and a half hours I was done. Complete. Trolley full and all gifts purchased. I felt super proud of myself, I would have to say I am a shopping legend, no? Yes ok maybe not a legend. 

A slow leisurely and rather smug stroll through Coles to stock up on incidentals and I was home by noon.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Tonight my family (13 of us) are heading out for dinner. Our tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my Mum's complete with a massive spread of Finnish fare, however since she now resides in the tropics we are going restaurant style. It will be fun. Tomorrow we have lunch at my brother's house, I am making Finnish Joulutorttu and Blueberry Tart, and boxing day will involve a picnic on the beach with my boys. I think it is fair to say this is my favourite part of Christmas, once the hoopla is over and we can all sit and enjoy quality family time. 

Seasons greetings my dear friends. Whatever you are doing, do it with a smile!

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  1. Merry Christmas sweet one! Enjoy the evening with your loved ones. I wish I was there but this is our first Christmas in our new home, so very quiet and I must say extremely hot.

  2. Absolute legend.
    The thought of having no gifts (or even just some!) wrapped and ready on Christmas Eve eve is enough to make me have puppies!!!

    Have the most gorgeous few days with your boys.
    :-) xx

  3. Thanks Mum, Merry Christmas to you too. I hope you enjoy opening your gifts. And enjoy your home for the first Christmas. Dinner was lovely, missed you of course. xo

  4. And we all know how much we love puppies at Christmas time Shar!

    You have yourself a lovely Christmas too. :) xo

  5. I admire your no-rush attitude in Christmas shopping. I usually get the shopping rush two weeks before Christmas. I find the rush of holiday shopping both fun and stressful. I think the important thing is to spend quality time with your family.

  6. I agree Helena, I find it stressful (the thought mainly) and a head rush. I actually enjoy it once I get going, but am no good at planning too far ahead so shopping weeks or months in advance doesn't work for me. Quality time with the family definitely takes priority over shopping. :)


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