Monday, 26 December 2011

Beach sand

Today we made our first visit to the beach for this summer. I can't explain how I feel about the beach, but if you have a happy place, think of that times infinity. I was born for the beach. During crazy times I can even imagine I am at the beach and my stress immediately reduces. I quite literally wait all autumn, winter and spring for the warmer months just so I can go to the beach. And then when summer hits I spend every moment I can there so I don't regret not spending enough time there when the cooler months hit. I just love the beach.

Today as we arrived I could feel my smile growing wider. I sat down on the sand and said hello to my old friend and took a long, familiar glance at the water, the sand, the sky. I watched the sand glisten where the water used to be. I watched the waves come in and then go back out. I watched my boys ride on their boards and smiled at their excitement as they got dumped gently by the friendly waves. I watched happy people talking and laughing, others just relaxing in the sun. And then I laid down on the sand, closed my eyes and this is what I heard.

Waves crashing.
Seagulls squawking.
Wind blowing.
Kids laughing.
People talking.
My own breath as it slowed down.

I can't explain how it truly makes me feel.

After a beautiful swim, some sky larking with boogie boards and lots of laughter we picked up some good old fish and chips and perched ourselves on the grass to enjoy the company, the meal and the view. My boys and I sat in silence as we marvelled at nature's beauty; the bluest of blue sky, the horizon, the sun glistening on the water.

Beach sand. My happy place.


  1. Yes, ah-ha, yep and uh-hu.
    Nod, nod, nod.
    :-) x

  2. Yep, makes me feel the exact same way. Precisely! You paint the picture so well Peggy... and take a nice shot too! :o) xo

  3. Lovely! Two days of gorgeous beach weather was the best Christmas pressie. Hope the Summer warmth comes back again soon...

  4. Julie this shot was taken on my iPhone, even with that small camera you can't go wrong with this beauty.


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