Thursday, 22 December 2011

Doing our bit this Christmas

This time of year is crazy, people rushing about madly to try and get ready for the festive season. I hate people asking me 'Are you ready for Christmas?’ Am I ever ready? I won't even start about getting ‘ready’ until Christmas Eve. The truth is, Christmas for me is not about madly buying gifts for weeks before or stressing myself out over 'being ready', it is all about family. The highlight of my year is our family dinner on Christmas Eve, and that is Christmas pretty much wrapped up for me. Yes sure I enjoy seeing my child's face when he opens his presents, however I see that face all year round when he receives treats in the form of other things, not just gifts. I just don't enjoy the mad rush that comes with the lead up to Christmas. And don't even get me started on the shopping mall. Ugh.

That aside, every year at this time my boys and I like to contribute to a worthy cause. We like to teach our son to appreciate the amazing opportunities we have in life by giving to others. He, off his own back, donates half of his pocket money each month to Cate Bolt's orphanage in Bali. I didn't ask him to, he offered. In fact he wanted to donate ALL of this pocket money. We also sponsor a child and he takes great pride in the little letters and reports we receive from our child. School aside, I think the best teaching when it comes to compassion starts at home. My husband shares this philosophy and we actively seek out ways to help others when we can.

So this Christmas we decided to donate half of all my eBook sales to The Smith Family Christmas Appeal. I was driving to work one day and this little face on a billboard got my attention and it made my mind up - this would be our contribution this year. It will be a small contribution, my eBook only sells for $4.95 and I am no JK Rowlings, however it will be a contribution no less. The Smith Family is an organisation that helps Australia's disadvantaged kids get the most out of their education, so every small bit counts. So if were thinking of buying a copy of my eBook, now would be an opportune time. Or perhaps you might want to gift a hard working friend who could do with some messages of self-love for Christmas. Either way, you will be doing you or your friend, and The Smith Family a big favour. I did initially say I would donate half of the sales from a specific day last week, however I will donate half of the sales from the day it was released, 5 December, through Christmas Eve.

If you would rather make a contribution directly to The Smith Family Christmas Appeal please visit their website. What a perfect time of year to help those that need it most.

For the record, I buy all my gifts on Christmas Eve. You will find me begrudgingly racing through the mall (I hate being inside the mall on a perfectly nice summers day) come Saturday. I won't notice you, I will be too busy making the shopping trip as painless as I possibly can so I can get back outside in the sunshine. They need more windows in shopping malls.


  1. That little boy of yours is SUCH an amazing human being.

    But of course, look at his Mama ...

    Merry Christmas sweet Peggy :)

    Keep your eyes planted firmly on my blog tomorrow, there may just be something dedicated to you :)


  2. Couldn't agree more. Can't stand shopping centres. And yes, isn't it funny how Christmas has become a month- or even two-month-long ritual of rushing about, trying to 'get things done'. I haven't done very much at all this Christmas and am enjoying it very much. Just spending it with my family and eating good food is my idea of heaven!

  3. Shopping on Christmas Eve? I'm glad not to be in your shoes. Good luck!

  4. Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree here, does it?!
    What a selfless young man - like his generous Mama.
    Magoo is receiving a sponsor child for Christmas from us.
    I would only hope he would be as lovely as your boy one day.
    Wishing you a truly beautiful Christmas (and an efficient shop on Saturday).

  5. That is beautiful Peggy. You have lead by example very evidently and raised a beautiful member of the community. That is such an achievement, well done Mama :o) xo

  6. Thank you Cherie, we try. :) And I always have my eyes firmly planted on your blog - although I am curious now! xo

    @Vanessa, that's exactly right, the mad rush goes on for ages! Like you, it is all about family and good food for me. Enjoy! xo

  7. Lisa, it is my ritual. Every year I shop on Christmas Eve and I don't know why, but it works. Although, I did duck into the bookstore last night (surprisingly the mall was SO QUIET) and managed to get half of my gifts in the one visit, popping into 2 more stores on my way to the carpark. Saturday is going to be a breeze!

  8. Thank you Shar. Magoo is getting the best gift, how lovely. He will love being a part of that as he grows up. Well done. :)

    @Julie, you hit the nail on the head there, it is about raising our littlies to be a decent, caring part of the community. I hadn't thought of it that way, but that is essentially our aim. Thanks Jules. xo

  9. Oh, I so relate! I'll be doing the small amount of Xmas shopping that needs to be done tomorrow (like I do every year!). My friends give me such a hard time about leaving it all to the last minute so im glad I'm not the only one :-D
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Mel xx

  10. Merry Christmas to you too Mel. I hope you got your shopping done, I breezed through mine this morning, too easy!

    Enjoy, greetings to you and yours. xo


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