Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Instagram love

 Breakfast bliss with Frankie

 Anything for a scratch, he will even stand on top of his kennel!

 Frankie Magazine calendar ~ one for my God-daughter, one for me.

 Cherry the gentle, friendly, slobbery giant

 I may be slightly addicted to bento

 A gorgeous gift from Teresa of Amelie in Wonderland ~ more on this later.

 I arrived home after a very long last day of work before annual leave to find a gift from The Lettuce Shop. A box FULL of fresh produce ~ a foodie's delight.

 First stop as I entered the mall to do Christmas shopping ~ the florist.

 Pretty wedges from General Pants *swoon*

 Ok I may or may not have eaten this box for dinner and then for the following breakfast...

 My oh so creative Mum made these gorgeous coasters for me. I just love them!

 My sister-in-law whipped up this chocolate fountain for Christmas dinner. Enjoyed by kids big and small!

 Celia Birtwell secateurs from my bestie for Christmas. Pruning in style.

 Breakfast ~ freshly made Joulutorttu

Afternoon tea with a Finnish flavour...yum!


  1. So much smiling going on here while taking in the simple pleasures in each photo.

    I'm back from the Christmas break and what a lovely first post to return to.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xo

    p.s glad to see the wrapping withstood the distance ;)

  2. I love those coasters so much!!

    I'm also slightly in love with your wedges!!


  3. Every pic as delicious as the next.
    Fabulous coasters!
    :-) x

  4. Lovely photos! That Blueberry Tart looks divine!

  5. I don't often love other people's photo streams, but Peggy yours is one I could watch all the time - love them all = the food, the flowers, the dog, the shoes and oh my the coasters - your mom is awesome!! (that box of maltesers was crazy too!)

  6. Teresa the gift arrived looking beautiful, it really did bring a smile to my face. Thank you so much for the effort you made to make things so special to me, just lovely. I hope you had a merry Christmas too! xo

    @Sass, I also got a t-shirt from Mum with a transfer of my blog title, also gorgeous! The wedges are dreamy aren't they!? A bargain find when I wasn't even looking. xo

    @Shar, thank you. The coasters are adorable, I love gazing at them as I pop my morning coffee down. Just too cute for words! xx

    @Lisa, the blueberry tart is delicious, and so easy to make too! Once the pastry is ready it is simply a case of mixing the filling and popping it in and baking it. So easy!

  7. Thanks Deb, the photos pretty much sum up a few highlights of my week. I am crazy about Instagram and love sharing images. Mostly they are of food and pretty things I come across, things I'd love to share in real life. The coasters are way too cool. And the maltesers, well, they were a gift to myself and boy did I enjoy them! xo

  8. The Finnish Blueberry tart looks amazing, and your coasters are so cute!

  9. Thanks Sonali, aren't the coasters adorable! I made your eggplant dish this morning and it was DIVINE! So easy and so delicious. Will be keeping my eye on your blog and its delicious recipes.

  10. Coasters did turn out nice, now I must make some mouse pads for you with your book title on them and some with your blog title. I should have printed your book title at the back your t-shirt too. I'm glad you liked the coasters. xxoo

  11. Thanks Mum, the coasters were a real treat! A mousepad would be FABULOUS! You're a clever little duck. The shoes are too cute aren't they, not bad for $40! :)


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