Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When your day doesn't go to plan, rely on the small things...

I had a pretty challenging day yesterday. I don’t like challenging days, I prefer friendly, lovely, fun days. But that’s just me.
So today, in my usual form, I woke up thinking it’s a new day and I was not going to let it be challenging like yesterday.
And then this arrived:

If the universe wasn't trying to tell me something with a feature on working mums (amid all my exhaustion these past few days), then the fabulous "I will never forget that I am awesome" pink ribbon (see 3rd image down) was like a lightning bolt out of the sky, donking me on the head to bump all that negativity out of me.
And then if that wasn’t enough to make me smile, this little fella arrived!

Well that’s my night then, hope yours is a good one!

** To check out the deliciousness that is Frankie Magazine go here. Craft lovers be warned, you WILL fall in love!


  1. Glad today was a brighter one.
    How ceeee-ute is that apple tree of yours?

  2. OH! I think I absolutely need to get on this Frankie bandwagon! It looks AMAZING!

    I hope today is more of the lovely, & less of the challenging :)


  3. Peggy, I love your attitude - you will always be happy! I love that pink ribbon - I think I might get some as stocking fillers for my teenage nieces too (they love using the word awesome - it makes me smile too). xo

  4. Haha! Love your little creature for the Macbook, CUTIE!
    Fabulous approach Peggy... when life gives you lemons, whip up a batch of that lemonade!
    You are such a strong positive individual, I really admire that :o) xo

  5. Ahh my favourite blogging girls. :)

    @Shar, isn't he adorable! He makes me smile. :)

    @Cherie, Frankie is beautiful. The paper is lovely to touch and the images are just dreamy. I am stretching it out to last until my next edition arrives. Full of inspiration, I love it. Thank you for the well wishes, my next day was much better. xo

    @Teresa, thank you. I do have my off days but I hate wasting them being less than happy. :) The ribbons are fantastic, really pretty and perfect for young girls as a gentle reminder. xo

    @Julie, Totoro is one of our family favourites. He is from a Japanese animated movie. My son watched it at school and then I got a copy so I could watch it. Now we love it. If you ever see the dvd grab it, it is absolutely adorable. Totoro will have you smiling. :) xo


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