Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ooh! That's Pinteresting ~ Vintage cameras float my boat!

I have always had a slight obsession with photographs. I have boxes and boxes (and boxes) of them. Although I love the convenience of digital photographs I am in love with film. I pull out a box of my old photos every so often and slowly flick through them and get taken back. I love the smell of them and the way they bend naturally through time. There is something so romantic about old photographs. Don’t even get me started on old black and whites!
Recently I have started to really enjoy iPhone photography apps and the freedom of being able to play with the vintage look digitally. I love the vintage filters. Needless to say I am partial to lovely old vintage cameras.

I can only dream of what beauty has been captured through these lenses.

Must. Stay away. From eBay.
I am linking up with Tina for my very first Ooh! that's Pinteresting post. We all know I am a longtime lover of Pinterest (you only have to see almost all my image source notes to see I'm regularly found lurking over at Pinterest). Please drop by Tina's blog and check out all the other beautiful images.

Tina Gray {dot} Me

{image source: Pinterest}


  1. I. Completely. Agree!

    My favourite subject at school was photography, & I used to spend HOURS in the dark room processing photos. And I just ADORED old vintage cameras.


  2. Ooo I remember those old camera's, my Dad used to have one like the camera in picture 6. As much as I love the old film rolls and negatives etc... I am SO SO grateful photography has come as fas as it has, as I used to go through ALOT of money developing photos that turned out to be total flops :o/ xo

  3. I have only just started to get into photography (yes I am a late bloomer) but I love these old cameras as a collecti0n :) xx


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