Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello, my name is Peggy. I am a writer.

The other morning I woke up one hour earlier than I needed to. For those that know me, this is a startling revelation. I am a true bedhead, I don’t ever wake up before I need to. Well at least I didn't before I found something to jump out of bed early for. 

After I woke up I grabbed my laptop, plonked myself on the lounge and just started typing. An hour passed and I realised I had written some 1500 words. It was the perfect start to my day. It is moments like this I realise writing is my true passion. It is the one art form that puts a real spring in my step. I smile to myself when I think of things to write and when I finish writing I am full of excitement. Ideas are abundant and my mind has been opened up to inspiration in other forms as a result of the kick-start to my artistic side.

As some of you may be aware I am currently drafting my very first book. An eBook. I have always dreamt of writing a book and now that I am full of ideas and the desire to write I am going for it. An eBook seems like the perfect place to start. It won't cost much, I will have freedom to be creative, and hopefully someone, just someone, might even want to read it. I also have an idea for a paperback based on another passion of mine, to be commenced further down the track. Strangely enough, although this thought feels somewhat scary, it feels amazing and exciting and, amazingly exciting!

I have always been a dreamer. I have always believed in having dreams. I wondered in my earliest blogging days if I was possibly dreaming about this whole writing thing. I wanted to call myself a writer, but I was wondering if since I am not a published writer can I in fact still call myself a writer. Recently while reading about authentic self I realised that your true self defines who you really are.

I am a writer. 

What inspires you? What really gets your heart racing and makes your insides burst with excitement? What is your one true passion? Do you dare to dream?

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  1. That's fantastic, Peggy.
    I'm still awaiting definition - parenting, teaching, running, decorating - they all put that fire in my belly.

  2. I call myself a writer as well as I just love to write. Looking forward to your ebook. I just finished my first one and am a little excited about sharing it and a little scared as well! N x

  3. That's brilliant Shar, it's so nice to feel true passion for something. Parenting is definitely my passion too. I was born to be my child's parent (of course), it is the one thing I love to do and my life before him paled in comparison in terms of love and a sense of being. :)

  4. Naomi you write so beautifully. I look forward to reading your eBook. I am flying blindly at the moment in terms of format and length etc but the writing part comes easily. I hope I don't bore my readers! That is probably what scares me the most. Exciting times though!

    Enjoy, be sure to let us know when your eBook is published. :) xo

  5. Yes you are Peggy! A writer indeed... and I bet it feels as wonderful as you describe it to be :o) xo

  6. It does feel wonderful Julie. I am sure you can relate. I get a similar buzz when I take photos, as I am sure you do too. :) xo

  7. Yay you hun - I am very proud of you. I love home decorating - that gets my belly going ;) Oh and does shopping count? :) xx

  8. Thank you lovely. Home decorating definitely gets the artistic side moving. And shopping, need you ask!? (I have recently realised a love for online shopping, YIKES!) xo


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