Thursday, 24 November 2011

Stopping to smell the wildflowers

Last night I mentioned on twitter that I was going to whip up a blog post before breakfast but this smartypants (HI NOEL) said I should do the post after my day out on a school excursion. Of course I should.
I love joining my son on school excursions. Day out of the office, no work and seeing my son mingle with his class mates for the day. What’s not to love? So today we set off with his entire class to Kings Park. For anyone that lives in Perth or has ever visited Perth you would know Kings Park makes for a beautiful day out.
We started off with an Indigenous Heritage Tour through the Botanic Gardens. I am ashamed to say that I have lived for most of my 40 years in Perth and yet I had no idea about the history of Kings Park. While we were learning about how the Wadjuk people lived off the land at Kings Park some 40,000 years ago I enjoyed seeing the kids interact and answer questions. Gosh I miss school and that enthusiasm I remember I had as a child.
After the tour we made our way to the new Rio Tinto Naturescape. Mum on the Run wrote about this place not so long ago and I remember thinking ‘I want to go there!’ Being outdoors folk my boys and I get out and about quite a bit so this place struck a chord with me. Luckily for me the excursion included a trek through Naturescape. This place is set in a natural bush setting and makes you forget you are smack bang in the middle of the city. Unfortunately due to soaring temperatures of over 40oC the park was closed down due to potential fire hazard with the combination of surrounding dry bush and heat, and we had to leave earlier than planned. But not before we sat down for lunch, climbed a Tree Hide, got tangled in some ropes (the kids not me) and enjoyed the environment.
Before we made our way home we also enjoyed a game of tag and sat not so quietly dangling our feet in a lake, waiting for the water fountain to spray some reprieve from the heat.
A few things I learned today:
Boys like to make smells. I had 3 boys in our group who had no with problem passing wind in public.
It is easy to raise a laugh from a 10 year old.
Being with a group of kids makes you forget all your troubles.
Being with a group of kids makes you forget all your daily responsibilities and tasks.
Riding on a bus with your 10 year old makes him oh so happy.
I could do this every day, alas, back to the office tomorrow.
I contemplated taking my Canon as I just knew the sights would catch my attention however I am one of those mums that loves to get involved (you know playing tag and climbing and getting my feet wet) so I had to rely on my iPhone instead.

We get on the bus, out comes the book.

Minutes into it I am distracted by this friendly little bug.

The Swan River, Perth. Still takes my breath away.

If you are in Perth you would agree this shot epitomises the heat today. Summer is coming.

Banksia. Kings Park is full of these in all varieties.

Well we don't want to freak out the tadpoles now do we!?

Wooden tunnel.

Boab tree.

Friendly little duck.
And to cap of a wonderful day we got to avoid afterschool care and be home for 3.30 instead of our usual 6pm. It's days like this that remind me what truly makes my heart sing.
I hope yours was equally fabulous!


  1. Peggy - what a great blog. It is great to take time out like this, as the moment soon goes (but means so much, plus the occasional side splitting funny moment) but if you don’t before you know it they're all grown up! Mine are now 20 (twins). Hate to say it, but I wish I had done more of the same. Hopefully your blog will inspire others especially those who are wondering should I or shouldn't I or I haven't got the time etc. - all I can say is, if you’re unsure, RE-READ the blog!

    Glad you all had a great day :)

  2. Only excursion I remeber was to a ice ring with a bus full of scraming little children and that I has the worst case of tonssilitis. As i was the only adult with ice skating skills (from my childhood)all the kids wanted to hang of me....what a fun!

  3. Oh it sounds like a lovely day Peggy. Wonderful memories for you and your little man. Had to laugh a the boys dropping their guts everywhere... I'm sorry but that is so male ;o)
    Gorgeous pictures too, you did great to capture so many beautiful scenes with just the iphone, they all look very professional xo

  4. Fabulous day - in visual form - maybe not so much with the accompanying aroma of ten year old flatulent boys!!
    Yep - it's still my 'happy place', even through someone else's eyes.
    I bet you'd be a dream parent helper, by the way!

  5. Love this - I go on at least one excursion with each child's class each year (sometimes twice) and they LOVE having me there - especially the bus companion as you mentioned.

    I have been to Perth twice now and LOVE King's Park - reminds me of a mini Central Park as there is much to do, relax and play with and explore.

    Lovely photos peggy!

  6. Oh I am looking forward to doing this when my daughter starts school next year. It's great to leave the camera behind & get involved too. That's the beauty of mobile phone snaps. Your son is gorgeous. Love the book he got out.. such a boy thing! You will treasure the memory of this day & so will he.

  7. Thanks Noel. I am a big believer of enjoying the small moments, and these moments mean so much to our little ones. I think often how quickly my son is growing up, it feels like I blinked and a decade has passed. I don't want to look back and wish I had spent more time doing the little things.

    Thanks so much for stopping by again! :)

  8. haha Mum it could only happen to you!! Did you pinch me on the bus to make me pipe down? I recall you doing that at another time. :p How on earth did you get roped into going on that excursion? Weak moment?

  9. Thanks Julie, a bit of tweaking with iPhone apps doesn't go astray! Yes it is very much a boy thing, smells and bum references. Very used to it around our house! :)

    Shar I was told by my son in grade 1 that I was 'bossy' after one excursion as I had to pull one particular boy that was in my group into line the entire time. Fortunately as they get older they tend to stick to the rules a bit and this excursion was much less work. Plus they don't run off when they get older. Grade ones at Scitech with a runner was a bit challenging! ;)

  10. Deb it's so lovely isn't it? In pre-primary I went into class for the day a couple of times, it is really nice to see the kids in their class environment. My son is very eager to sit next to me on the bus, it's so cute!

    Kings Park is a longtime fave. I definitely enjoyed the tour this time as I learned a lot about the history which I didn't previously know. And the view of the city and river never gets old! xo

  11. Lisa sometimes I think I will focus on the moments and not take photos but then I spot something (like a ladybug crawling around on the grass where I am sitting) and I can't help but take a few snaps. A very memorable and lovely day out. :)

  12. I love the way you take photos, you really capture a story in the pics.
    I love days like that too - Kids are hilarious really and I love being a fly on the wall with ther conversations. They have a knack for putting everything into perspetive. xxx

  13. Thank you Sonia.

    I love it too. I enjoy quietly listening to my son with his cousins, they talk about different things when they aren't aware adults are listening!


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