Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nordic love and other lovelies

I had a real Nordic kind of week last week. I was seriously spoiled with some beautiful things. My Mum kindly sent me a handful of beautiful embroidered table cloths and placemats. *love* So Nordic and so, so pretty. I need to host a high tea!

Also from my Mum, this adorable little Arabia pot. You might have noticed I am seriously obsessed with Finnish tableware. And Arabia designs are my absolute favourites. This little beauty makes me smile.

 My Mum also sent me some cute Finnish slippers called Nullit. My grandmother bought them for my Mum however she now lives in the tropics so has no need for them. Thank you, I’ll take those!

And as if that wasn’t enough, my Mum made this adorable bag out of Marimekko fabric. Can you tell I can never get enough of Unikko?

And the gifts kept on coming. My sister in law, naughty girl, bought me these adorable Marimekko napkins. How lucky am I!?

 And then she also gave me two Marimekko mugs. Marimekko makes my heart sing!

Last weekend I had a coffee date with my first ever writing client. We went to Cottesloe to check out The Boat Shed which is a huge warehouse type building full of fresh produce, cheeses, quirky delights (they even had ostrich eggs!), a bakery, a butcher and then this:

Of course I indulged. I heart peonies.

And to top off a week of beauty I created my very own Manifesto that will feature in my eBook. I promise once it is published I will stop harping on about it…well, I’ll try...

What beauty have been you presented with lately?


  1. Wow - that is quite a week of loveliness there!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautifu.

  2. Oh WOWZERS! What a whole lot of pretties you have shared here Peggy, gorgeous post :o)
    Well you know, I did something very cheeky the other day and whilst purchasing some Christmas pressies, I presented myself with some beauty also... a replacement bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs... as my other one had run out. Devilish I know. But had a discount voucher and seriously, who can resist perfume ;o) xo

  3. oooooo gorgeous things there. Was it your birthday by chance? :) xx

  4. Oh pooh! My timing is off - If I had got my act together, you could have also received something from me this week that fits perfectly in that beautiful, handmade Marimekko bag. (please don't tell me it was your birthday or I will cry).

    Those slippers are just adorable.

    And that is fantastic news about your first writing client!

  5. I know right, how lucky am I!? No it was not my birthday, I was just spoiled by two lovely ladies in the same week! I am beaming. :)

    And Julie, it is very essential that you gift yourself while you are Christmas shopping. Perfume always hits the spot! xo

    Teresa, something that will fit perfectly into the bag ey? Now I am curious... ;) xo

  6. You so deserve all beautiful things in life! Nullit look good on your feet, I'm glad they fit you.
    Enjoy all the goodies! Love xxx


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