Thursday, 10 November 2011

Flossy Photography

A few months ago I wrote about an old soul named Sezzleberry. Sarah is a girl from the office, we have worked together for 3 years. Recently she has been following her passion and has started to get into photography. She has clearly dabbled with photography before (in this or another life) as she bought herself an amazing camera and then bam! She finds ones of her creations is a finalist in the Canon EOS Photo5 competition! Just amazing. Although as you can see by the photo, this is not surprising.

The subject of this photo is Amelie, Sarah’s 6 year old daughter. This little ‘firecracker’ (as Sarah lovingly calls her) lights up the room. She is chatty and sociable, she loves all things girlie, she does not suffer fools (like mother, like daughter). And, she makes THE perfect muse for Sarah and her lens. For some serious whimsy in your world you need to look at Sarah’s blog. You can also follow her on Facebook here. And please, if you have a spare 3 minutes, please vote for Sarah's photo here. Sarah stumbled across a Canon EOS Photo5 competition box through her local camera store, and only managed to have time to enter two out of five briefs. And one of her two has made it to finalist as judged by professional photographers. Clearly Sarah is a talented old soul.

VOTE NOW! Please. Flossy Photography is only just beginning.


  1. That is one fabulous shot.

  2. What a gorgeous shot, heading over to take a look-see, thanks for the tip Peggy :o) xo

  3. Anonymous7:32 pm GMT+8

    Thanks guys!! Every vote is one step closer to my dream. Thank you x a million for this post Peggy.. You are wonderful. <3

  4. A muse called Amelie!? Whimsy?! Love her already!

    Just took a look at Sarah's blog - erm...STUNNING!

    Sarah, you have my vote!


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