Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spread the spring love!

I am right into enjoying the small moments and although in past years I have let the weather determine my mood (winter=grumpy me) and my motivation I am learning to see the good in all seasons. Spring need not convince me though, I just LOVE spring! It signifies the start of the warmer months, gardens bloom, time to pack away the winter coats and spring clean. It also kicks off my favourite time of the year – summer and the festive season. As I like to make the most of the warmer months I enjoy trying out new things and getting outdoors as much as I can once the sun and warmth come out to play. I have compiled a list for myself, maybe you might enjoy trying a few things for yourself too to make the most of the warmer weather.

Start an exercise regime. If you’re anything like me I would love to be fit yet need serious motivation to get exercise into my daily routine. Spring is the perfect motivator. Head out in the early morning air and admire the flowers in bloom and the gardens coming to life while you get your dose of morning endorphins. Or join a yoga class, I have always loved the thought of doing yoga outdoors.

Spend a sunny day out taking snaps. I see beauty in the most unassuming places and things every day and can’t wait to just spend a sunny spring day taking photos. If you have a camera, go out there and use it. Beautiful spring images will definitely induce a smile.

Spring clean. This is a no-brainer. Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter and turf out the stuff you don’t need and make space for lighter and brighter things.

Get into the garden. When I was still living at home my Mum would often say "Come and join me in the garden?" My response: “I can think of a million better things to do with my time!” Now of course I am an enthusiastic gardener. I don’t have the best space to fully indulge like I would like to but I make do with what I have. And I thoroughly enjoy it. A Sunday afternoon in the spring sun tending to my garden is an absolute treat. Then, I like to spend the evening ogling the transformation from yucky winter garden to spring delight. Bliss! (I have even been known to take a sneaky peep out of the window right before I jump into bed late at night...and smile.)

Have a picnic. I am not a fan of packing up mountains of food and plates etc to then have to cart it back home to unpack after a picnic, it just seems like a lot of work to ‘relax’. But a lazy picnic sprawled out on the lawn is a gorgeous way to spend a sunny afternoon with loved ones. During summer we take picnic food to the beach when we go swimming almost every weekend, I must make an effort to do this in spring. Find a green grassy spot and just relish in the spring weather.

Cook breakfast for your loved ones and enjoy it sitting outside. Set up the table with your favourite tableware (spring colours of course and fresh flowers) and treat your family to a relaxed Sunday breakfast. Freshly squeezed juice, French toast, eggs, pancakes and fresh fruit. Yum! Breakfast at cafes is so over-rated in my opinion, I prefer to create a cafe-worthy breakfast made with love in the comfort of my own home.

Take a bike ride around the river or lake if you have one nearby. Surprisingly we don’t actually own bicycles, we enjoy walking. This spring however I might hire bicycles and take my boys out for a spring ride around the river to see spots we don't reach when walking. Take a picnic rug, snacks, a ball or frisbee and stop somewhere pretty to take in the scenery. Don’t forget your book

Read a book you have wanted to read but haven’t had or made the time. Dedicate an hour or 2 one afternoon per week to just sit in a cosy spot in your garden and read. If you have littlies get them involved. A visit to the local library is a sure-fire way to get kids excited about reading.

Start a vege or herb garden. This is one of my must-dos this spring. I have dreamt of having my own little herb garden for years however with the little furry mischief maker we adopted I have had to delay this. Now that our dog is no longer destructive I am planting that baby this spring. Fresh home grown coriander on BBQ fish, the perfect spring Saturday afternoon combination!

Take your furry friend out for an afternoon somewhere different. We frequently take out Major Poohead to the river, he can’t get enough of the water and can spend hours chasing the mini-waves (he tries to bite them) and galloping around in the sand. We get a good laugh out of seeing him so silly and happy, smiles all round. Even Poohead.

Throw a spring high tea. This is something I dream of doing. I would love to hire The Vintage Table to supply the whimsy and would decorate the dining room or courtyard with pompoms and fancy napkins and fresh flowers. The thought screams spring love!

Go on a day trip somewhere different. WA has so many amazing places to visit yet aside from the beach we rarely travel far from the city. You could visit a vineyard or a nice spot on the coast.

Invite your closest girlfriends out for a late Sunday afternoon lunch. Dine out on the patio of a restaurant or cafe you have always wanted to try. Indulge in something new; don’t forget to leave room for dessert and laughs!

Get adventurous with your closet. I am not a fan of the colour red and don’t really own anything red. Same with polka dots. I often think I should try something in red or dots but just can’t do it. I am up for trying out new flats though, adorned with bling. And this spring I am buying myself some jelly flats, maybe even in red.

There is something quite refreshing for the soul about a new hairdo. I have always had very long hair and cut it into a chin grazing bob 6 months ago. I love it. I feel like a different person. I found in the past hair became such a focus that it ruled my look. Don’t worry if you cut a short ‘do you’re not so keen on afterwards, it’s only hair, it WILL grow back. If you are nervous about going too short mix the colour up a bit, get golden blonde foils as spring highlights or cut in some layers for extra bounce.

Plant a new garden bed with colourful flowers. Or if you don’t have the room, group some gorgeous pots with bright perennials or annuals.

Take a paint class. My Mum and I took a paint class a few years ago and thoroughly loved it!

Spend a lot of time outdoors. I am an outdoors girl, always have been. I cannot sit inside the whole day (or half a day for that matter) when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Even though spring is still too cool to go swimming, I love nothing more than to grab some fish and chips and perch myself on the lawn by the beach with my boys and just enjoy the scenery. The beach is my happy place. Find yours and make the most of spring by spending time there. Inexpensive therapy right there.

Fill your abode with fresh flowers. I like to get flowers on the weekend, it makes me smile seeing flowers adorn my dining table. I often like to get a big bunch of like-coloured flowers, ie white, then separate them and place them in vases in various spots around my home. Floral bliss in every room!

Whatever it is you enjoy doing most, do it. You will be guaranteed a fresh approach to the cooler months if you relish in the warmer months when they are here. I know I hate to look back when the temperature drops and regret not getting outdoors more when the sun was out.  

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  1. Ah, everything here is just SO inspiring!

    I want to do it all!

    I just adore fresh flowers in the abode, it is the most natural mood lifter for me. Seriously, I'm just instantly happy :)

    You do 'inspiring' so well!

  2. Wow!
    What Spring inspiration right there.
    The great outdoors, new ventures and adventures - love it all.

  3. What a lovely blog is so you! Herb garden is must for all, I have one or two actually. Parsley, two different types, dill, sweet basil and thyme. I have tomatoes of all types. I pick a punnett of cherry tomatoes every day and that is so rewarding. Lettuce crop is now finished as it's getting too hot up here. You must plant some lettuce too Pegs. Just pick few leaves when you need a fresh salad. Enjoy the spring and carry your new camera with you all the time. Love you xxxx

  4. Thanks Cherie. Flowers are the best mood lifters, you're right. They make my Saturday afternoon that little bit brighter. *love* xo

    @Shar, it is amazing how much I can think of when I sit down and put my mind to it. Otherwise I find I can get caught up in chores, and let's face it, that's not exactly spring love! :)

  5. So true Mum, I absolutely need a herb garden. We use herbs every day when cooking and I often have to throw out the remainder of a bag of something we have not finished. I love the idea of just picking off a few leaves for a salad, as you know we eat a lot of salad come summer and bbq meals.

    I had my camera in the car the other evening when I was driving through the Swan Valley and the sunset was amazing!! But I could not stop to take photos, such a shame. I try to always have it on me when I am out and about. Can't wait for the Jacaranda to bloom! :) xo

  6. My goodness this post is filled with all kinds of Spring loveliness Peggy... and many of these ideas I am already fulfilling! Love getting out in the garden, taking photos, exercising, going on picnics, getting my hair done and updating the closet with colour (that red polka dot dress is divine by the way).
    Like yourself, I'm all about the outdoors and love the warmer weather.
    A lovely post! :o) xo

  7. Oh Peggy - I just want it to be daylight so I can start ticking of the list of things you have inspired us to do.
    I really really really enjoyed this post. Thank you :) xx

  8. Julie I can tell you are a fan of the outdoors too, I bet you go batty if you're stuck inside for too long. I know I do! It's imperative for us outdoor types to relish in the awesome weather when it hits. Don't waste a minute! xo

  9. You're welcome Sonia. I start off making wee lists for myself then I think, 'why not share!'. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) xo


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