Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chase your dreams!

It is no secret that successful people achieve their goals and aspirations by sheer hard work and dedication. Those people are doers. Doers have a vision and they take an active part in achieving their vision. I do think that opportunity plays a huge part in one’s success but if we sit back and just dream without actually planning and creating, the dream remains a dream. I too often see people who are miserable in their job however make no effort to change their career path or their job. I love what I do in my fulltime work, it is a position I have worked hard towards for a good decade and I find it very fulfilling. I don’t complain about my job as I do enjoy it. Writing however is my real passion. And I have known that since I was a kid, but have I done anything towards achieving success from it? Until I started my blog, no.
I wonder how many people have a dream and are passionate about something but either settle in a job that pays the bills or find they are happy with what they do so don’t aspire to chase that dream. Fortunately chasing my dream costs me nothing and the time it requires is time I am prepared to dedicate to it. I love writing. It is as simple and as complex as that. If I aspire to become a writer and do not achieve success in later years I have lost nothing. I enjoy it. I would still enjoy it with or without success. The success of course would change my retirement years (yes I am already planning for that) however it would not stop me from enjoying writing if I did not achieve success from it.
In all honesty when I first started my blog I didn’t really know what to base it on. I see so many amazing foodie blogs, lifestyle blogs, mum blogs, and in the end I realised that my blog would be quite the mixed bag. I love that I can be versatile in my writing however I do wonder if from a reader’s perspective it is confusing to see ‘exactly’ what it is I blog about. I guess it is really just a blog about sharing what I love. And the crux of that is writing.
Chase your dreams people, a life spent wondering is a life wasted. Unless of course you are already happy with what you do. Are you?

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  1. I love what your blog is about Peggy and I love this post! You could be writing from my very own perspective here. I have been in a job, that is just that... a job, for the longest time and only now because I have been jolted into some action have I really thought about what it is I love to do. And like yourself, it's writing. Always have loved it, always will. I'm also very happy not to be a raging success at it, but now with my blog, I certainly intend to pursue it for enjoyment and just see what happens.
    It's always great to see a dream realised, exciting times ahead for you Peggy :o) xo

  2. And for you too Julie. You write beautifully, I enjoy reading your blog. Good on you for pursuing your dream for enjoyment, and if something comes out of it on a professional level then fantastic!

    Realising a dream is exciting, it has definitely put a wee spring in my step. :)

    Enjoy Julie, it sure is nice being part of your blogging community. xo

  3. Please do not worry about what we want. We enjoy reading what you enjoy writing about - what ever that may be...and when you can write as well and beautifully as you, you could write about the price of eggs in China and I think I would still enjoy reading about it.

    Look forward to seeing more of the dream realised. You're already on your way. xo

  4. I am saddened by hearing people complain and moan about 'their lot' without an ounce of inspiration towards changing their situation.

    I'm even more saddened and angered when sometimes that voice I'm hearing belongs to me.

    Life is short and precious. Grab it with both hands.

    Love your writing and what you are 'about'.

  5. You are too kind Teresa, thank you for your encouraging words. :) xo

    ps...drafting post on price of eggs in China. ;)

  6. Shar it is one of my pet peeves, people complaining but doing nothing about changing that which they hate. I have never been one to settle however I do sometimes complain in my own head. It doesn't take long for me to make changes though.

    Life is short, you got that right.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. :)

  7. You are a very inspiring lil fishey my dear friend and i am looking forward to trying out some of my ideas when my two gorgeous girls one full time next feb and one two days and i have a little me time to be creative keep up the blogs your are a natural at this writing xx

  8. I love reading whatever it is you write becasue you write from the heart :) xx

  9. Thanks Jille, I know you are a very creative fishy too (must be the pisces thing) so I look forward to seeing your creations. Loving your photos. :) xo

  10. Thank you Sonia, I guess we can't go wrong if we keep it real. I feel like I know you in person from reading your blog, which indicates your posts are full of personality. :) xo


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