Saturday, 1 October 2011

Grateful for love and the simple things...

So much to be grateful for. Holidays. My boys. Instagram (loving that my creative side is getting nourishment). Good food. New recipes. Old recipes. Finnish recipes. A day of doing nothing. Eating chocolate in bed. Watching kids' movies. Laughs with my boys.

I should really be cranking up the new Canon but I am slightly obsessed with Instagram and various iPhone photography apps at the moment. The Canon will get her day. But for now...

My boys at a basketball game. They watch the game, I watch them. It’s love.

My Little Man reading as we walked into school. I love, love, LOVE that he loves books. Love.

Oh so much to love. Saturday afternoon, fresh flowers, coffee and some Finnish design in the form of teacups and serviettes.  It really is the simple things...

Photography apps on iPhone are really tickling me at the moment. So many ways to be creative right at my finger tips.

Fresh homemade Finnish butter buns and Nespresso. Icing on my already amazing day.

I stumbled across this amazingly creative woman on Instagram, I love her photos. And then I discovered she also has a blog. AND she posts delicious recipes. Dare I say I am hooked!?
I made her fish katsu dish tonight, and it was sublime.

I'm linking in with Jody over at Lemon Rhodes today for Maxabella loves' grateful post-Saturday. Take a look, a mountain of inspiration right there.

Make your weekend amazing people!



  1. Who needs a canon when you're able to create iphoneography like that!

    Also, download 'my week in pix' - my fave photo app. Particularly fantastic for blogging!


  2. What's not to love there??!
    Happy weekend - and even better - happy holidays.

  3. A beautiful post Peggy. I am hooked on instagram too, will have to follow you!
    Enjoy whats left of the weekend :)

  4. That's exactly what my husband was saying as I was nagging him for the Canon!

    I will check that app out, always open to new photography apps. Thanks Cherie. xo

  5. @ Shar, thank you, and happy weekend and holidays to you too. :)

    @Jody, thanks so much for dropping in. Will look out for you on Instagram. :)

  6. Simple maybe, Peggy, but all of your gratefuls here are absolutely glorious. Loving your photos, they are very creative. I don't have an iphone, but seeing all the wonderful things they can do with this instagram app, makes me want one right now ;o) I'd say 'hope you're having a lovely weekend', but see that already you are... so, I hope you continue to have a lovely weekend Peggy xo

  7. I'm so jealous of Instagram...I have a Samsung not iPhone - am hoping to find an app that's as cool. Your Marimekko mug is so pretty!

  8. Thank you Julie, I hope you had a lovely weekend too. Instagram is very addictive, the ways to be creative with the photography apps are endless! Keep snapping with your camera, you take a lovely picture. :) xo

  9. Thanks Kate, it was a gift from my Mum. I love it! I have quite a lot of Marimekko design splashed around my abode.

    There must be awesome apps on Samsung too right? I have had Instagram for ages but only really got into it in the last couple of months. I use other photography apps too and blend them with IG.


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