Friday, 30 September 2011

I eat cupcakes in bed!

I have a dirty little secret. I eat cupcakes in bed! I can hear the collective “But what about the crumbs?”. Well, when the cupcakes are as good as the ones I am about to tell you about, you too might just be tempted to eat one (or two) in bed.
I went to a lovely wedding last year and on my way out I was handed two boxes of cake. I have to tell you I was not previously a big fan of cake, the cake has to be pretty special to excite me. Anyway, I got home feeling all loved up and happy as you do after weddings and spending a wonderful day with dear friends, and I stood in the kitchen and opened one of the boxes of cake. The smell was intense! Jaffa. So, I made myself a cup of hot milo, got into my pjs, and climbed into bed with the cupcake...s (there were two of them, the second one was mint chocolate). And for the first time ever, I mean ever, I fell in love with cake. This jaffa marble mudcake was amazing, simply amazing. Imagine your mouth bursting with citrus and chocolate and that which makes the whole world good again. I was hooked.
Naturally I contacted my friend from the wedding to find out which angel made these delicious morsels and I was given the details of Queen of Cakes. The name says it all, she truly is the Queen of Cakes. I promptly contacted the Queen (Julie) to firstly thank her for my Saturday night love fest with cupcakes in bed, then I promptly found a reason to order some. Christmas was around the corner, how convenient. I spent many hours ogling her various cakes and cupcakes online and finally decided on some Christmas themed cupcakes. This is what I got:
Seriously, mouth-watering jaffa marble mud with a layer of ganache and icing. I promptly ordered another batch  (well why not!) and by my 3rd love affair with these jaffa delicacies my dirty little secret was well and truly established. I eat cupcakes in bed.
For my son’s birthday earlier this year I ordered an army themed cake and matching cuppies. Julie is amazing to deal with. I threw the army theme idea at her and this is what she produced:

A chocolate mud cake in the shape of a helmet with matching jaffa marble mud cupcakes.

Another one for late night crumbs. At my son’s party there were oohs and aahs from not only the kids at our party but from neighbouring parties. A few of the kids were eyeing off the cupcakes and I was quick to point out, with fingers crossed behind my back, that they were ‘orange’ flavoured and "not half as nice as the chocolate cake". I wanted those babies for myself. A party for 13 (me and 12 cupcakes) was on the horizon! I did  wind up sharing one or two, reluctanctly.
Now you know what inspired the ‘cake crumbs’ in my blog title.

If you want to contact Julie from Queen of Cakes you can find her on Facebook. She is located south of Perth. I have to warn you this pocket rocket is in HOT demand and as such bookings need to be made well in advance. Well worth the wait.

** This is not a sponsored post. I would however happily write more posts on Queen of Cakes should a dozen jaffa marble mud cupcakes happen to land on my doorstep. Got my pyjamas at-the-ready.


  1. Why must the most amazing things be located so far from Melbourne?!

    Seriously. THOSE army cupcakes, are the most unique, creative, talented awesome cupcakes I have ever seen!

    Praises to the chef. The true queen of cakes!

  2. Oh what a lovely post Peggy. You have totally sparked my interest in these cupcakes, what a shame I'm on the other side of the country :o( There is nothing like a good cupcake, I could also knock off more than a couple, though I've never tried them in bed... maybe you're on to something there ;o)
    My friend had a cupcake tower for her wedding last year and I had a similar reaction to them. I was IN LOVE when I ate them later that night at home. It really is a fine art, baking a brilliant cupcake. Bless all those clever souls like Julie out there :o) xo
    P.S. That army theme is totally cool!

  3. They. are. awesome.
    Nah nah ne nah nah - Iiii live in Peeerth!!
    Hee hee.
    Hmmm. I made Hubby an 'army' cake for his b'day this year. The two do not compare. At all.

  4. Cherie WHY YOU LIVE SO FAR! Seriously though, I think we're the far out ones. Julie is amazing, just incredibly talented! Delighted that I came across her. :)

    @Julie, I just wonder how she gets them so moist, SO moist. Jaffa has always been one of those flavours that doesn't get around much. I am a mad citrus fan; lime, lemon, jaffa, anything citrus. She had me at that first cupcake! Just lovely. How cool is the army theme! My son was absolutely chuffed!

    haha Shar I bet your cake was still magnificent! Anything made with love is. :) I suggest, since you are in Perth, you find the next occasion - birthday, anniversary, neighbour's dog's obedience class graduation, anything - and book a cake with her. You will not regret it. :)

  5. I am drooling and I can't even eat cake. I just so love how gorgeous they look. Bags an invite to your next party (I will fly over from Sydney) just to drool all over your gorgeous cupcakes.
    P.S I eat pretzels in bed :)
    Xx Sonia

  6. Ahh pretzels, I have never tried them in bed! I am also a fan of eating chocolate in bed, but that goes without saying.

    I'll give you enough notice to catch that flight! ;) xo


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