Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fashion inspiration

I used to love flicking through gossip mags just to check out the fashion and what the celebs are wearing. Not that I plan to try to ever emulate fashion as worn by celebs but there is room for inspiration considering a lot of celebs are dressed by stylists. Of course we know money does not buy fashion sense and there are some obvious shockers on the magazine pages as well.

Lately as I have started to prefer reading blogs over skimming magazine pages I now only regularly indulge in Marie Claire. And the occasional Grazia in the office. As much as I don't strive to look or dress like any famous figures I am seriously envious and in awe of a few. I am not one to like showing too much skin and I am probably a bit of a prude when it comes to dressing (although I did enjoy showing my midriff and legs in my early twenties). Like Victoria Beckham says, and in my opinion, you should only ever show off one asset at a time ie legs or cleavage, not both. See, prude.

This is my idea of class and style. 

Pretty in pastels

Legs showing, rest covered up. What a classy woman!

Pretty in pink

On trend and classy 

I don't quite know what it is about Kate, but I love her style. Aside from the fact her very lean figure owns these jeans, she just looks fabulous in whatever she wears.

And then of course there is VB.

{Image source: Pinterest}


  1. And not a Kardashian in sight!

  2. Yep, I'm with you Peggy, in awe of some of those styles. I LOVE fashion and it sometimes gets me down how I have lost my way with it a bit since becoming a Mama... but only for a second, because I know how lucky I am and know that one day, I'll get back into it and enjoy it just as much as before. Afterall, there are always our magazines that we can admire without 'wearing' the price tag ;o) xo

  3. Shar funny you wrote that. Yesterday during my lunch break I was flicking through a magazine and came across a huge spread on the recent Kardashian wedding. In between my tsk-ing and shaking my head I was wondering, what motivates someone to want to share their wedding day with millions of cameras! They apparently had "400 of their nearest and dearest" at this so called wedding/media circus. The only inspiration I would draw from any of the Kardashians would be to keep my boobs in and get away from the camera!

  4. That's exactlty right Julie. For the moments I am ogling these fashionistas I too feel 'on trend'. Then I notice I have daggy shorts on and hair that would scare a wizard! Nice to enjoy seeing others pull off the classy look, even though I am a very casually dressed dag! ;)

  5. You are a very stylish elegant well dressed lady even when you're dressed in your casual daggy clothes. Your hair, it dosn't matter how you wear it, always suits you, must be the cut, maybe. Money does not buy style, it's how you wear it and knowing your the style that compliments your body.


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