Thursday, 20 October 2011

Exercise vs blogging

I am naturally curvy. I have, since I was a teenager, had to watch my weight. I can put on weight within days if I over-indulge. I am however noticing that with age my weight is a tad more stable, thank goodness.
Usually in the warmer months we are very active. We walk our dog daily, spend time at the local park playing sport a few nights a week and we spend a lot of time swimming at the beach and the local pool. When winter strikes however, the daily exercise comes to a screeching halt!
I usually, to ensure I get some exercise in, go for a walk first thing in the morning in the warmer months. In the winter months there is no way you would see me going out in 3o temps to walk. Not going to happen. And when I get home from work it is already dark. I don’t do the gym. I have no interest in jumping on a treadmill. It is the outdoors that attracts me to exercising at all and if I had to do it in a gym I would not enjoy it. Not enjoying it would equate to not doing it.
This winter, surprisingly, I did not put on one single kilo! I am absolutely surprised, as a whole season with zero exercise, lots of yummy rich winter comfort food (hello slow cooker!) and enough chocolate to feed half of Texas a bit of chocolate would usually mean a hint of winter flab to lose come spring. I do think this is due to the fact I have cut meat out from my diet which coincidently started during winter. Obviously no meat works for me. Although I think if I keep baking up a storm like I have been lately I will find the no-weight-gain-winter will wind up a distant memory.
So, as part of my promise to myself every spring, it is time to chuck on the runners.  I know that the morning endorphins will have me addicted within days, you won’t be able to stop me from jumping out of bed for my morning walk soon. The only problem with this is, I have recently been using the early morning peace and quiet to enjoy blogging. Of course I am not trying to make excuses, keeping the body fit should be like any other daily routine we engage in to take care of ourselves - we brush our teeth to keep them clean, we wash and primp our hair to keep it looking healthy, we should exercise daily to keep our body healthy, right? Right. So no excuses.
Now where to find an extra half hour in my day...

Do you have an exercise regime that picks up in the warmer months and hides in the winter? Or are you one of those motivated folks who keeps it going all year round?

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  1. Definitely all year round.
    Or I would come unhinged!

    I love that image up the top.
    Popped it on my blog a few weeks back to remind myself.

    Enjoy those endorphins!

  2. I'm the same, summer absolutely makes me thinner!

    I'm more active, crave fruit for dinner, drink more water, & generally want to look nicer in summer clothes.

    Enjoy your morning walks lovely :)

  3. I figured you would be an all-year-round runner Shar. Good on you, I bet you feel fantastic for it!! I aspire to incorporate exercise into my daily regime, all year round...see how I go. :)

    @Cherie, I totally get that. Totally. Spring definitely is more of a motivator than cold winter! Enjoy your summer rejuvenation too gorgeous. xo

  4. I'm like you - by September, I'm raring to get back on the runners although I'd love to be back to my 'rain or shine' days of exercising.

    I'm currently blogging, I should probably be running - oh dear!


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