Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Musings - school holiday fun!

Since I work fulltime and am only allocated 4 weeks of annual leave per year, I am a tad short in leave to enjoy the full 13 weeks of school holidays off (I wish!). Having 2 weeks off is a real luxury that I don’t take for granted. These holidays have been full of sleep-ins, pj days, a week of no agenda, baking and quality time with my Little Man. And boy it has been BLISS!
Here is my week in photos.

Strawberries from The Lettuce Shop. Yes they were delivered to my front door.

Teeny tiny grapes in the Swan Valley.

My niece. Just adorable.

My pooch. He is loving having us at home more.

And the following shots are from Instagram.
The Royal Show. Awesome day spent with my sister in law and Little Man's cousins.

This beautiful sky presented itself as I sat at our local park watching the boys play. I wish I'd had my Canon with me.

My husband's old Pentax. It's so pretty.

Tough gig.

Caramel slice made by my niece. I love it when the cousins come for sleep-overs.


Bubbles of bliss... no Mondayitis - it’s amazing how much sweeter Sunday is knowing I don’t have work on Monday morning. cousins sleeping over - a house full of 4 kids *love*. watching my nephew play footy. buying a whipper snipper. seeing my final copy of my first newsletter (my writing job) arrive by email. midweek movie nights. doing the laundry by noon on a Monday (how novel!). getting shout-outs from Veggie Mama and A baby called Max. stumbling across the blog of Finnish artist Liivia Sirola - her ethereal photos take me to another world - I am in love!
Make your week wonderful!


  1. I am so happy when I hear others love PJ days too. Love your photos Hun. I am back to work this week, which really sucks, but I have to admit I am enjoying the peace and quiet in the house (I work from home). you sooo have to put up the recipe for that caramel slice. Even though I can't eat it I know my boys would love it - it looks divine xx

  2. Oh what a lovely post Peggy, so full of happy shiny musings :o)
    Gorgeous photos all round. Photography is such a gift, I love snapping photos at random and picking the best of the bunch, such fun.
    It would be nice if we all had the same amount of holiday's. I think it's really hard on working parents when they don't get to spend time with their kid's who are on school holidays. Glad you made every day count xo

  3. Sonia I do love the PJ days, getting dressed for the office with hair and makeup done 5 days a week gets a bit tiring. PJ days are a great way to just relax and enjoy the simplicity of it all. How do you find working from home, do you have a good routine so you detach from work when you need to? Do you separate 'work' from home chores or does it all merge into one? (Curious in case I wind up working from home one day).

    The caramel slice recipe is on my 'foodie me' page, easy peasy and SO delicious!! xo

  4. Thanks Julie. I do love taking random photos too. Have a look at this lady's blog, she takes shots of the most simple things but they look just dreamy!

    It would be just ideal to have the same amount of leave as school holidays, that would be lovely. :) xo


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