Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hello, what’s your name?

A friend recently asked me over dinner if I had considered blogging. I hadn’t. But now I can't stop thinking about it! I have always been a writer in my head, not an acknowledged one in any form but I find enjoyment in writing. In primary school it was stories, in high school it was short stories and poetry, in my 20s letters (yes snail mail) and in my 30s email and quirky anecdotes to share on facebook - I have always found a way to release the inner dialogue. And so now my blogging journey begins.

My name is Peggy. I am a 40 year old Mum, wife, daughter and friend to many. I work full time running a small business but being Mum is my favourite job. In short I see myself as kind, happy, positive (a friend once called me ‘the eternal optimist’ – I like that), hardworking, direct, sometimes moody and anxious, and I am in total love with my family. I like the simple things in life. I know from personal experience that happiness is in fact a state of mind. The last 8 years have been a quest for me for inner peace, a still, clear mind and happiness. More about that later.

At this point I would like to share on my blog the things that make me smile: funny stories, recipes (I have a penchant for Finnish delights), places I like to visit, shops and sights I get a kick out of and maybe even a photo or two.

Thanks for dropping by, what’s your name?


  1. Ah thats better!
    What a beautiful blog, good work Peggy! I look forward to being a part of your journey!


  2. Oh thank you Cass! Thanks for dropping in, good to know I am not talking to myself. Hope to see your blog soon.

    Peggs xo

  3. I like! Well done... I expect Finnish treats when I'm home for a few days in October and perhaps a meal on King St...

  4. Done and done! Finnish treats, King St and a date with you, you know I can't say no! Let me know the dates you're here.
    Pegs xo

  5. Anonymous1:43 pm GMT+8

    I've been a part of your journey from birth. Watched you grow from a little cute girl to a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I suppose every mother wants what's best for their child and want their child to be the best. At least I have achieved the latter. Enjoy your journey my beautiful daughter. All my love Mum xx

  6. Thank you Mum, that's so sweet. You are a huge part of my journey, I could not ask for a nicer Mum and friend. Thanks for your unconditional support.

    Love Pegs xo


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