Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday Musings - My weekend in Instagram

I love Instagram. I am truly inspired by some of the images that get posted and I love finding out how people use various iPhone apps to tweak their images prior to uploading onto Instagram. As you may be aware I have been nagging asking my husband for a decent camera for months. This weekend he bought me one for our anniversary (LOVE HIM). I cannot wait to take it out to play. Until then, here is my weekend in Instagram.

We had our anniversary dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in Chinatown. The restaurant is called Billy Lees. It isn't flash and it isn't fancy but it is famous for its amazing food. This dish is prawns in salted egg yolk batter. One of my favourites.

Here she is. How pretty is she! I will be taking her out to play next weekend. I am so excited!

My Saturday lunchtime ritual.  

I found some adorable pretty pink frilly shoes.  

We celebrated my sister-in-law's 30th birthday yesterday. The birthday girl wore a black lace frock from Wheels & Dollbaby and we cruised through the Swan Valley in a pink hummer limo. As you do.

Sandalford Winery. Guess where my Canon will be going for a run? 

Bubbles of bliss... spending the day at school sports carnival. my wedding anniversary (11 wonderful years). dining out with my hubby. Big Momma's House movie night with my Little Man. landing my very first writing job. getting my mitts on a DSLR. a day out in the Swan Valley with family. knitting.

Make your Monday fabulous! 


  1. You have yourself the recipe for a perfect weekend there.
    Congratulations on your anniversary. No mean feat these days.

  2. I'm sure you all had a great time. I do miss our family get togethers but I'm happy that your and your brother (my son) have grown to be such good friends. xx

    Ps. Can you check my spelling before you publish my comments? I have never been good at it as you know!

  3. I love the Swan valley. I live pretty close to it but we don't spend enough time there which is sad.

  4. Shar it was a fabulous weekend, I am still smiling. Nothing like love and laughs with the family topped off with good news and new shoes! Beautiful.

    And thank you. :)

  5. Mum your spelling is fine, no checking needed. Even Master T says 'vallet' now instead of wallet! haha :p

    We have grown into good friends P and I, even despite the torment he put me through as kids. I get a laugh out of him now, rather than him out of me! He is funny fellow. xo

  6. Laura I live quite far from the Swan Valley and have only recently started to admire its beauty. I will definitely be paying another visit when I work out how to use my camera properly. So much beauty to capture.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  7. What a fab weekend Peggy! Happy Anniversary! SUCH an awesome gift, love the Canon cameras and that one looks like a beauty! You will become quite the pro at snapping great shots now.
    Though I actually think your instagram pics look pretty wonderful anyway.
    The pink hummer looks totally cool, what fun you must have had.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend xo

  8. Thank you for your nice comment in my blog!!! ♥

    Our camera is VERY old! ;) And it's a bit broken too.. :D We should by a new one too. This time we'll buy SLR camera..when we get money to it. ;)

  9. Thanks Julie. I am a fan of the old photograph, always have been. I can't wait to take the Canon out to see everyday beauty through the lens.

    The pink hummer was so much fun, it was essentially a party on wheels! A very good party idea.

    I am liking your idea of the linky Monday Musings. I would love to read about your weekend too! xo

  10. You're welcome Pieni Lintu, I love your blog! You are so creative. I forgot to mention that I have started knitting, so one day when I can manage to knit some villasukat I will link in with your knitting challenge (if you still have it going).

    I love your photos, you obviously still take a great picture even with your old camera.

    Thank you for dropping in. :)


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