Friday, 16 September 2011

No wishlist for me!

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I am not a fan of the wishlist. I do not understand making a list of things I covet. Once I attain said things what then? I make a new list of things? If this is a way to attain happiness how will it ever be attained when the list keeps getting replenished and updated?  It is essentially saying I will be happy once I acquire these things, yet a wishlist is never-ending. True happiness cannot be placed on items or possessions. And if the intention is not to seek happiness through acquiring possesions on said wishlist, then what is the point? Of course my wishlist, if I was to write one, would include a Lexus IS250 sports and a house in Lake Como next door to Matt Bellamy. Not going to happen.

In my single days I drove a brand new car, I bought new clothes every other week, I bought label brands and I even owned (well the bank did) a sparkling brand new house when I was 20. Was I happy? Not even close. If I had kept pursuing happiness through acquiring material possessions I would still be where I was at 20. Happy on the surface but not truly content on the inside.

Today, however, I am happy. I am loving this very moment. I am grateful for my humble home, my family, my health (oh I am loving my health), my old vehicle, and I am grateful for wisdom that comes with age. I do not mind that I have laugh lines, I do not mind that the backs of my hands look like those of a 40 year old, I do not mind that I can no longer get away with trends I did 10 years ago. I love where I am, today. 40 and happy.

Loving this very moment.

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  1. Gorgeous post. A lovely reminder that often it is the simple (inexpensive) things that bring the most joy.

    Happy weekend to you....x


  2. Peggy, I agree with every word. It's been a very long time since I though happiness could be purchased - thank goodness! As a result, I'm a content 40 year old myself!

    What's this about the back of my hands? Not good? Who knew!!! x

  3. Thanks Kellie. Although I am sure material things DO bring some joy, I personally don't make them the centre of my happiness.

    Have a great weekend too! xo

  4. HAHA Bron, if you haven't noticed the backs of your hands don't go looking. Live in blissful ignorance - another way to be truly happy. :)

    Thank you for dropping by. xx

  5. Absolutely.
    I've always loved the adage that "happiness is not having all that you want, happiness is wanting all that you have.
    Simple pleasures rock.
    And a spot of shopping doesn't hurt either!!
    I've never liked entering into those "what would you do if you won Lotto?" type discussions either.
    I want to remain content in what I have and in achieving some simple, realistic goals.
    Sometimes, I wish I dreamt bigger though.

  6. Maybe you don't dream bigger as you are genuinely content with what you have? That's a good thing if that's the case. I would still like certain things (a good SLR camera, a new kitchen) but not enough to make a list. I love what I already have.

    Have a great weekend Shar. xo

  7. Oh and ps, if ever I won Lotto I would move to Lake Como and drive a Lexus!

  8. You won a lotto...the day you were born. You have health, you are the most beautiful yong woman I've met, your have an easy going hubby and smart handsome healthy son....that's what I call a first price in any lotto:)

  9. Lovely! I do hope it does not take another 15 years till I get to that state of mind! You are inspirational, Peggy :) x

  10. Thanks Mum, that's so lovely. I definitely have been blessed with the most beautiful family. I'd take that over a lotto win anyday. :) xx

  11. Awww thanks Kaisla. I think you're already there (that state of mind). The fact you seek and want that means you think it. It doesn't matter if you acquire a few pretty things on the side, you know that isn't what makes you truly happy. :)


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