Thursday, 15 September 2011

Knit me a love song

I have been incredibly inspired to try various types of handicrafts since I started blogging. My Mum and grandmother are knitters from way back. I've seen them knit and crochet, among doing other sorts of needlework, for as long as I can remember. I have some beautiful crochet tablecloths my grandmother made and not to mention lots of colourful knitted socks! Since I have started blogging I have come across some very talented people featuring their craft on their blogs. And then there is Pinterest, a mountain of inspiring images, links to blogs featuring handicraft tutorials and more images. I am in awe.
A few weekends ago when I was hanging out in Dymocks one Saturday afternoon (this is a regular hangout spot for us) I came across The Knitting Book, a big fat bible for knitters and knitter-wannabes. Fast forward to Saturday night and I was perched on the lounge, scarf around my neck, woolly socks on, blanket over my legs, reading my book (did you like that image? Nana come to mind?). As I was browsing this book I noticed all these amazing things that one can knit. In my excitement I turned to hubby and said rather excitedly, “Hey, I could knit you a vest!” to which he promptly and rather dryly retorted “Please don’t”. Just wait, once he sees my skill at work he will be putting in orders.
Here are some images I love that I found on Pinterest, seriously, how could one not get inspired?


I would wear this...

Oh hello, of COURSE I would wear these!

Couldn't be TOO hard for a beginner...right?

Oh now we're talking. Soft pink and brown for the bedroom.

Next winter's project. These would keep the boys off the Natuzzi.

Have I told you how much I love legwarmers?

Someone have a baby so I can knit these booties!

I'm not even sure how one would knit this, with yarn?

Look out winter, I'm gonna be ready for you next year!

And finally to knit myself a Saturday night outfit. Win!

My Mum is in town this weekend. I have commissioned her to give me a knitting lesson. I might even get my mitts on a crochet hook and she can show me how to crochet while she is here too. By next winter I want to be curled up on the lounge with a blanket I have made and socks I have knitted. No doubt by then hubby will be wearing that vest too.

{Image source: Pinterest}


  1. I'll have one pair of your gorgeous adult slipper shoes, a pair of beautiful leg warmers and at least three of those adorable baby booties.
    Will get back to you on the colour for the blanket.
    Hmmm. My Hubby reckons he doesn't want a vest either.

  2. My mum is a great knitter, sewer and all round handicraft women. I keep dropping hints to her I'd love some legwarmers. Maybe I need to send her your picture for inspiration?

  3. I could see myself running around the house in those crochet slippers too Shar, aren't they adorable! I'll put those on the list for you. Now to learn how to knit and crochet. The drive is there even if the knowhow isn't! xo

  4. Julia, one glimpse at the craft images on Pinterest and your mum won't be able to resist making you some legwarmers!

    Thank you for dropping in. :)

  5. Ah this is such a cute post Peggy, love it! Like yourself, I have been wanting to get into something crafty for sometime. I LOVE seeing all the beautiful creations of all these talented ladies throughout blogland, I would dearly love to be able to knit or crochet. My Mama is a fabulous knitter and makes lots of garments for my boys. I can cross stitch, but I am so hopeless at my time management, I barely get a second to look at it :o/ Maybe less time online would help! I think your hubby will be stoked if you knit him a vest... maybe some matching socks too! xo

  6. Oh you are onto it! Matching socks and vest. I am SO doing that! Christmas gift sorted.

    I will have to share my online time with a new craft hobby, it will be hard to find time I agree. Will post piccies once I get started. :) xo

  7. Haha, great! Please do tell me if you'll knit something! I've been thinking about trying it for a while now but somehow am not sure if I could really manage anything else than a furry mess with my "skills"... :D

  8. Furry mess? hahaha that gave me a giggle. I imagined you surrounded by balls of tangled wool with knitting in your hands and an exasperated look on your face!

    I was actually asking Mum the other day on where to start with some sock patterns, she said I should knit a square first before I worry about villasukat! I aim high! haha


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