Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Farewell no-whinge-winter!

As part of my no-whinge-winter pact this year I decided to utilise the cold, gloomy days productively. I am not usually one to be found lazing around on the couch for prolonged periods, my mind races with things I could be doing so the rest actually becomes an anxiety filled affair.  Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for my cold-self this winter, I decided to spring clean. Now as spring is approaching I am thinking, BEAUTY, more time for the outdoors! I will definitely do the same thing next winter (not that I am thinking that far ahead with spring just around the corner, I am stretching that baby out!).

I always make the most of the warmer weather. When our lovely summer hits I am found at the beach at every opportunity. I swear if I didn’t work I would be found down there daily after school drop-off come summer. I get cabin fever if I spend more than a few hours inside during daylight hours as soon as the sun comes out to play. Thankfully my boys are big lovers of the beach and outdoors too. So while I am dreaming of sunny days, the beach, ice cream, salads, summer fruit, bbqs and nights sitting outside feasting, I know the tail end of the winter cold is near and I am having a little party in my own head. I have a little spring in my pink ugg-boot-step.

So you now know where the ‘beach sand’ comes from in my blog title. Ahh the simple joys.

Which season is your favourite and what do you look forward to before its arrival?

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  1. Woo hoo!
    I'm with you ALL the way.
    I'm a sunshine lover, a vitamin D craving Summer girl.
    Love your idea of 'no whinge Winter'.
    I am already looking forward to barbeques, sunny afternons by the pool, time at the beach, afternoons with friends that turn into nights with friends, seeing more of Magoo's beautiful skin...
    Aaahhh. I am getting Summer clucky here!!
    Thank you.

  2. Oh, I just love the pretty quote you used at the top!

    Peggy, your positivity is positively infectious! I love being around people like you :)

    My favourite season is spring. I just love driving down this street in our neighborhood that is lined with these amazing spring blossoms. It makes my heart smile.

  3. What a lovely coloured pictures, spring colours. We look forward to summer, even though some people find it too hot, but I love it. Having been here for three years I find some of the spring days a tat too cool for my liking, hotter the better for me. Love your spring as summer is not too far away:)

  4. I do understand your love for the summer, knowing how hot it is down there! My favourite season though is autumn. Maybe it is due to being born in autumn, so as a child I grew to wait for it and therefore still love it... Who knows! Actually, seeing the Scottish "summer" of +11-15C (YES, REALLY!) might as well! So as you get ready for your favourite, I am also looking forward to my fave with the dark blue evenings, falling leaves and a bit of rain! :)

  5. Shar, I totally hear ya! I love everything about summer, so excited when it is approaching. Summer clucky, love it! Enjoy gorgeous. xo

    @ Cherie, I am glad you love being around. :) Spring is just lovely isn't it? Our neighbourhood comes alive too, all the pretty things come out to play. Just lovely. xo

  6. Mum, I love browsing Pinterest, looking at all the summer images really gets me in the mood for the beach! As you know I would love to live in the heat all year round. Enjoy! xx

  7. That sounds just lovely Kaisla (Scottish autumn NOT their summer). 15C summer is milder than our winter! You do know how hot it gets here, and I love it as hot as hot as can be! Enjoy your autumn, look forward to seeing some photos on fb. :) xx


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