Thursday, 8 September 2011

Family ~ I choose mine

Last weekend, like every weekend, was all about my family. I find myself at work midweek daydreaming about the weekend, for the rest yes, but mostly about the quality time to spend with my boys. Every other weekend I also get to enjoy the company of my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephews. We could just be sitting around the table talking and laughing, and I wish for nothing more. I drive a 15 year old vehicle, my house is tiny as can be, I am wearing last season’s clothes (and I will still be wearing them next season) and I am happy. My family are my breath of fresh air. They remind me what is good in life, and they remind me that everything else is just topping. My family are my world.
You may have read here about how years ago my family was dealt two tragedies within the span of 9 months. Prior to this I loved my immediate family immensely, we have always been super close. Following this I started to feel a new sense of loyalty and love and respect and adoration for my family like never before. I became extremely protective over my brother and the thought of anything happening to him or my niece and nephew was frightening. I am still protective of them, but perhaps after years of therapy the protective nature is no longer fueled by anxiety rather just natural instinct (even writing this stirs anxiety in my gut).

I know my brother has my back, he always has. As kids he was often left to look after me as Mum was working, often split shifts, and our Dad would work away. I would tag along with him to his footy training or wherever he was going. I wonder now what did we used to talk about as kids? I do recall he was often teasing me, and I spent some time sulking (isn't that what little sisters are supposed to do?!). But mostly I remember he had my back. Still does.

A huge part of who I am today is due to my family. My Mum and her wonderfulness (that's a whole other post) has provided us with opportunities I am thankful for. We did not want for much as kids and although we had problems like the next family, we were never short on love, discipline, support and encouragement. I think as a small family with all of our relatives outside of our immediate family abroad, we grew up tight. Even through the times my brother blew pepper in my face or defaced my dolls or made me touch Tommy our tomcat's balls (don't ask), I couldn't wish for a better brother. I love him to bits.

See, sulking!

Even if we could choose our family,
 I choose mine.

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  1. I love this post.. and despite having still vivid memories of being encouraged by my brother to shout out "I'm a toolbox!" for the favour of the last choclate biscuit(oh the laughter...and sulking that ensued!), I love his teasing, tormenting arse!

  2. I'm a toolbox? HAHA That got a chuckle out of me. And then sympathy for you. God love annoying, taunting brothers!

  3. That's just gorgeous.
    I think the older I get, the more I appreciate my family - and all that my parents did for us.
    Living away from my family makes our (rare) time together all the more precious too.
    Lovely post.

  4. Thanks Shar. I definitely appreciate all that my parents did for us as kids more so now as a parent myself. I've also recently found out just how much my brother protected me as a child, and as a child himself. Puts a whole new spin on my fondness for my childhood memories. :)

  5. haha! Ohhhh, I can't believe I grew up wishing for a brother. If I'd known it might involve pepper and cats balls, I might have re-thought those desires :)

    Although, I can tell you, growing up with a sister involved having hair spray sprayed directly into your eyes, and then being pushed into a bathtub while you're still blinded, haha!

    Sister fights can be vicious! Especially during the teenage years :)

    Your little family sounds so beautiful, and I get a sense you're at the very heart of it.

    Your boys will marry the most amazing women because you've set such a beautiful example :)


  6. Cats balls followed by screaming it out to the entire neighbourhood that you had touched them! Yes it was fun, not so much for me at the time but my brother got a giggle. Or two. Sister fights sound like fun too! Definitely no fighting over hairspray with a brother.

    Thank you Cherie. :) xx

  7. You two look so cute and innocent in those photos, where have the years gone?? Would you like me to talk about the sulcking....well, lets leave it at that. Love you to bits for being my daughter xx

  8. nice to have such a great relationship with your brother! I have eight of them and they are pretty awesome (most of them ;)xx

  9. I love this post and that you would choose your family if there was no choice.

    (And I love my brothers: farts, dutch ovens and all.)

    Plus, I'm thankful you linked up today... x

  10. haha Yes Mum, you can talk about the sulking, just don't mention the punk and shaved head years! ;) xx

  11. 8 brothers Sarah? Wow you must have had a colourful childhood!

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  12. Kymmie, oh I forgot all about the farts! I should one day write a wee list of all the methods of taunting, a guide for sisters-to-be.

    Thanks for popping in. I came across your blog from Maxabella loves, nice to cyber-meet you. :) xo

  13. what a beautiful post, sibling love is something really special. Natasha x

  14. Thanks Natasha. Sibling love is very special.

    And thank you for reading. :) xo

  15. This is a lovely post Peggy. I don't see my two brothers very often but you've inspired me to make sure I tell them how much I appreciate them, when I see them tomorrow! :-)

  16. Oh just look at you two, you're absolutely gorgeous! Love those old photos, I have some very similar from my childhood... they all had a feel to them in those days. I treausre my brothers too, so I know exactly where you're coming from... and boy, brothers can be mean and gross sometimes, haha!
    I really love your approach to your family Peggy. I'm quite like you in that I don't really want for much, other than them, it's a nice way to be.
    A lovely post :o) xo

  17. Thanks Lisa. Nothing like the love of family hey? I am sure your brothers will appreciate that. :)

  18. Yes Julie, brothers are mean and gross! But as we grow and they no longer taunt I think we see the good in them, and over time we can forget the defacing of our dolls and the icky smells they make! haha

    Thank you, I find joy in my loved ones. Material things, although also joyful, don't have the same meaning as being around those we love. That's what truly makes me smile. :) xx


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