Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Musings - The Winter Edition

You may have noticed I don’t much like winter. You may have also noticed I am all for attaining inner calm and peace. As a part of my quest for inner calm I have recently adopted a self-imposed ‘no whinge winter’ attitude. I am doing quite well.
This weekend in Perth was just lovely! Usually our winters are very mild, sunny and the days are nice and warm. This winter however I have noticed we have had a lot more rain than usual (by observation; facts may prove otherwise) and many more gloomy and dark days. Good for the garden. Not good for the soul. But this weekend the sun was out, and so were we!
Little bubbles of bliss... sunshiny days. fresh fruit and veges delivered to my door. King St Cafe. hours spent reading. boardgame night. Swiss chocolate. lazy pj day. this beautiful blog (this girl’s honesty is so refreshing!). the sound of the rain as i’m climbing into bed. the little moments where i remember i don’t have work on Monday. being told my blog cheered someone up on a day they were feeling flat {LOVE}. walking the hound. giggles with my boys.

On this Monday, for something different, I have a day off from work. 6 hours to finally get through my very overdue to-do list.
Make it fabulous people!



  1. No whinge winter! I love this!

    ... I think you're on to something here :)

    And thank you for the beautiful compliment.

    I'm so glad you seem to be enjoying the journey that is blogging. It really can be so good for the soul :)


  2. You're welcome, your blog is really lovely. :)

    After a decade of incessant whinging in my own head about how cold it is in winter I had to put a stop to it. Or move to the tropics. So here I am, training my mind to not engage in itself! So far so good. xo

  3. Good on you for seeing the positive! I was doing ok this winter, until we got our energy bill and it was massive!! We have now turned off the heating, and it is not pleasant when it is grey, cold and wet outside! I wish we had a log fire to curl up in front of!

  4. Oh yes well that's the hardest bit Sannah, actually prying myself away from the heater or from under the blanket. I felt weird at first wearing a big fat scarf indoors but now I am never without one. Winter 0, Peggy 1!


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