Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm grateful for what makes me smile today...

I started my blog through my love of sharing. I cannot see something or hear something beautiful and not want to share it. I just can’t. So how rapt was I to see Maxabella loves' ‘I’m grateful for’ post today! Not only was I inspired to relish in all that I am grateful for, I was excited that I am invited to share it.
My gratitude stretches over the smallest of spaces: my son’s laugh, my husband’s thoughtfulness, my Mum’s unconditional love - note the connection: family. Even if we could choose our family, I would choose mine.
So on this grateful Saturday I am thankful for my sleep-in (after 5 days of rising early for work). My heart melted when my son offered to come and keep me company when I went to run my Saturday morning errands (imagine how tediously boring this must be for an active 10 year old with better things to do!). I smile when I hear my son and husband laughing hysterically over Funniest Home Videos and I quietly thank my lucky stars they chose me. I am grateful for a full fridge and pantry and for my humble home. And at this very moment I realise, I do not wish for anything more than what I have right now. Where I am right now is where I want to be.
And I am happy.


  1. It's nice when one finds a place of happiness! A place where there is peace, laughter, silence and love. A place where one feels wanted and needed. A place where one wants to come to for serenity after hectic day in the wildrness. A place where where one wants to be. I'm happy that you have found that place! Love you xx

  2. It is nice, there is not much else I could really ask for. Happiness, love and peace. Of course there are still challenges and struggles but now that I have learnt to not let those things weigh me down I can definitely smell the roses.

    Thanks Mum, you are an integral part of my growth. Love you too. xo

  3. How beautiful!

    Family really is my happiest thing in life, and this just reinforced that!

    Don't you just love maxabellaloves!!!

    I'm loving your blog :) xx

  4. Thank you Cherie. I am loving your blog too, it's in my favourites! :)

    Glad you enjoyed my post. xo

  5. Me too!

    Love how you put it, Peggy.

    Always suc a pleasure to read xo

  6. Thanks Teresa. Loving the small moments and the simple things. xo


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