Thursday, 18 August 2011

Let's get Springified!


It is no secret I love summer! I like everything that represents summer – the heat, the beach, the sun, pending holidays, swimming, bbqs, blue skies, outdoor shenanigans. The hotter the better. I have previously, and for as long as I can remember, had a serious aversion to winter and the cold. Although this year I took it upon myself to change my mind set to enable me to if not enjoy winter, at least not hate it. You can read {or ogle} more about that here.

So last weekend I sensed that undeniable smell of spring in the air, the subtle sign that nature sends our way to let us know we are moving away from winter and toward summer. Today, it the nicest winter day in Perth; the sun is BEAMING, the sky is the bluest of blue, it is warm, everyone looks happy. I found myself smiling on the inside as I was driving into the office. I have a serious spring in my step (see what I did there? I am even funnier in spring). I already have visions of the fun I have whenever spring hits; afternoons spent in my garden, long walks with the hound, afternoons by the river, a lighter and brighter wardrobe, and the flowers, oh the flowers! I am slightly obsessed with flowers. A freshly cut bouquet on my dining room table can really make my day. Like I always say, it really is the simple things.
Here are some gorgeous images I found on Pinterest. If this does not get you in the mood for spring I don’t know what will!






What are you looking forward to about spring?


{Image source: Pinterest}


  1. Hear, hear.
    Fellow Summer lover.
    Tonight we went outside after dinner had ourselves some running races, played with our dog, goofed around on the lawn and drank a little white wine with the neighbours.
    Ok, so we had jackets and beanies on, but at least the sun is still up in the evenings these days. I had visions of our after dinner outdoor evenings in shorts and singlets - or better still, in the pool.
    It's coming. It is.
    Woo hoo!!

  2. Big woo hoo!! I love your activities tonight, that is exactly what we are like in the warmer months, always outdoors. I don't think we have been to our local park once this winter, in summer we are there every other night!

    I just heard it will be 23 tomorrow, we will blink and spring will be upon us! :)

  3. Anonymous7:35 am GMT+8

    Happy sring time all! I live in paradise so waiting for spring doesn't mean much for me. Even though winter this yaer has been a little colder than normal and wetter but it's never freezing. Today we are expecting 27, love it, hotter the better.

  4. I LOVE spring!

    Without a doubt, the best season!

    There's this street around the corner from us that I's lined with blossom trees, and I love driving through it, walking in it, just being in that street!

    Im about to dye my hair lighter this weekend in celebration of the lighter weather around the corner!

    God bless spring :) xx

  5. Paradise indeed! I could happily live in the tropics, wet season and all! Enjoy your lovely day. xo

    @Cherie, I LOVE when the ornamentals start blossoming! Make sure you post a piccie of your new 'do for us to ogle. :) xx

  6. I'm so addicted to Pinterest, and don't find nearly enough time to spend there - that first image of the bike is fabulous! Spring and summer really is a mood lifter, I struggle in winter too.

  7. Oh I'm addicted too, Pinterest is my late night friend! Doesn't that shot just make you want to buy a bike? And must be hot pink. :)


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