Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Winter Wordless Wednesday

Winter tree

Winter street

Winter chic

Wordless Wednesday!


  1. I do like that winter brolly! Great print. It would cheer me up on any grey day. x

  2. The design on the brolly is by Marimekko, my most favourite design in the world!

    The photos are taken on my iphone, not the best shots out, but I think winter shows through in them. :)

  3. Won't be long now when those trees will be covered in beautiful lilac flowers....

  4. Thanks Cherie. I still maintain (to my husband) that an SLR will take a much better photo. I have the vision, I just need the equipment.

    @ Mum - you know that signifies my favourite time of year, when the Jacarandas bloom! LOVE!

  5. That brolly is fab and the tree silhouettes are great

  6. Thank you Ally. I kick myself when I see something beautiful, I only have either my iphone or a pocket camera. Need a DSLR to capture the beauty well, especially with nature.


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