Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Chase Away the Winter Blues!

Rather than focus on the cold chill, the dark days and lack of sunshine that comes hand-in-hand with winter, I decided this year I would approach winter armed with some tactics to get over my hatred for the cold. Who knows, I might even enjoy it! Shoo winter blues!

one... bake some Finnish cinnamon buns, Pulla. Here, let me show you how.  

two... have afternoon tea or coffee at home with your fine china. admire it for its beauty and enjoy the quiet moment.

three... declutter your study.

 four... declutter your pantry.

five... get reacquainted with your lounge. don’t forget your woolly socks and a pretty throw.

six... try out new slow cooker recipes. Women's Weekly do fabulous dishes in their cookbooks.

seven... host high tea for your closest girlfriends. employ The Vintage Table to fill your day with whimsy (and oh-so-pretty vintage china!).

eight... eat cupcakes in bed. don’t worry about crumbs.

nine... change your loungeroom rug to give your living space a wintery feel. add a couple of throw rugs.

ten... spend a cold night in with all those magazines you haven't had time to read. don't forget the hot chocolate and your favourite biscuits.

eleven... give yourself a mani/pedi. go bright colours to put a smile on your winter dial!

twelve... plan your next trip to a warmer climate. spend a cold, wet afternoon online, trawling hotels and sights to see - preferably white sandy beaches!

thirteen...  get lost in that book you've been meaning to read.

fourteen...  spend a night in watching old glamour movies.

fifteen...  cuddle lots!


  1. What exquisite photos Peggy. I also loathe winter with a passion...less than 4 weeks til spring. I too was determined to beat those winter bloos this year. Come on summer come on......

  2. Thank you Cass. This is honestly the first winter in 11 years (since I moved back to Aus) that I haven't whined incessantly.

    Well you have accomplished no 1 on my list. :)

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm GMT+8

    Looks great.

  4. LOVE> Love. Fav is the glamour movies for sure :D Personal fav, anything Audrey Hepburn or Bette Davis.
    Oh and I LOVE the pic with the socks, felt warm just looking at it :)

  5. Oh don't you just want a pair of those socks!? I feel like putting some on and making some toast!
    I actually almost put a Hepburn photo in there, there are gorgeous shots of her in Pinterest. :) xo


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