Saturday, 13 August 2011

I'm grateful for...

Something sentimental... This is my son's friend's set-up of money and cards during a round of The Game of Life. Notice it is haphazard and has pretty much stayed wherever it has landed.

Now this is my son's:

I smiled at this as it shows my son's highly organised side. I could see him cringing at his friend's catastrophe and he even leant over at one stage and started tidying it up. Love him! (His grandmother will be proud.)

Something superficial... I am not keen on spending a fortune on cosmetics. So how chuffed was I when I received a gift card from Myer to then find it was gift time when I went to indulge on some Clinique products today! A little bag of freebies. Don't mind if I do!

 Something sweet... Swiss chocolate, say no more!

Happy Saturday lovelies. Make sure you head over and check out other grateful bloggers at Maxabella loves.



  1. Oh Peggy, your son is ADORABLE!

    I would have silently laughed too :)

    The game of life was my sister and I's favourite board game growing up! I used to love that it picked your occupation and how many children you would have :)

    It's amazing to see children are still playing it. Actually, it's beautiful to see children are even just playing board games! With all the nintendo's/wii's/xboxes etc.

    Another beautiful post :) xx

  2. I wish my son was the neat side of the board - unfortunately he is definitely more the friend side of the board!

    Bring on the Lindt choc, Peggy. I can't get enough of the stuff (also unfortunately!) x

  3. Cherie I never even knew of this game until my son told me about it! It is so much fun, we play it a lot. There was also some xbox in there, and a NERF battle and lots of other fun stuff. My son wanted to just watch dvds once his friend went home, he was exhausted! We love board games, we have frequent 'board game nights'. xo

    @ Maxabella - thank you for dropping by! I love your 'grateful for' posts, a small reminder for me to sit back for a few minutes and reflect on all that I am grateful for. And yes, you can't beat Lindt! xx

  4. Those chocolates looks so delicious! :)

  5. Niin on! They are TOO delicious! :)

  6. It's nice that you have attracted some Finnish followers apart from your mother! I like "Pikku Lintu" very cute:)

  7. Actually I'm following Pieni Lintu, but very lovely that she dropped in and left me a note. :) Her blog is just adorable. Practicing my Finnish by reading it.

    You could call your blog Pikku Lintu, it's very cute! xo

  8. Ps...because you are in fact pikku! Or call it Pikku Mummi!


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