Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Photography inspiration - Krista Keltanen

You may be aware that I am an avid but very amateur (ie I just wing it and have had no formal training - yet) photographer. I am in the early stages of learning about the craft that is photography, and am inspired every day by beautiful images. One photographer who has caught my attention is the very talented Finnish photographer Krista Keltanen. Oh my stars, just look at her dreamy photos!

{Images courtesy of Krista Keltanen}

You can find more of Krista's beautiful images on her website and blog, and you can follow her on Facebook. For your daily glimpse of whimsy I suggest you head on over there, stat! 


  1. They just take pretty to a whole new level.
    :-) xx

    1. Agree, they define pretty! xo

  2. Oh my stars indeed, these are BEAUTIFUL! So dreamy and soft. Love them and thank you for introducing her to us :)

    1. You're welcome Carly, it'd be an injustice not to share her talent! I have spent hours, literally hours, gazing at her images. :)


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