Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In the land of my dreams

Image by Anna Inghardt

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." ~Will Rogers

I am so inspired. That fire in the belly I wrote about here is roaring with gusto and life. The spark has been ignited like never before and is burning bright. I can see the path ahead of me, clear as day. I don’t know where it leads to but I do know it will be full of excitement and inspiration. I don’t know how I know, I just do.

No more than a week ago I got the great news that I could reduce my full time day job down to part time, very part time as in two days a week. The spare days I would usually be working will be spent pursuing my love of writing. I have to admit I am not rolling in money, nor am I probably even going to be able to cover my living expenses on time at the start, but somehow I am not afraid. I am nervous with excitement, but not afraid. I was more afraid of not taking the leap and slowly dying inside living as is expected rather than how I truly want to. A wise friend told me that when we follow our authentic self and do what our heart truly desires, the money will follow. I liked that statement, I trust it. Strangely I am not afraid.

In less than a week I have booked myself into a writing course that commences in less than two weeks. I sat staring at the screen about to register myself and for a split second my false self threw in the thought of “but, it’s so soon, will you have time?” I immediately clicked on the 'register' button. My false self has no place here in the land of my dreams. No place. I also have a photography course booked with a very dear friend of mine. We will spend the day out and about with photographers, learning and being inspired. I like where this is heading.

So if you wake up one day and your false self taunts you saying you cannot follow your dreams, tell it to rack off. Of course you can. I am. And I have no back up plan, no secret savings account to fall back on, no rich daddy to throw money my way when things get tight. But I do have the fire in my belly. And I can assure you, that fire makes me feel more alive than security ever did.


  1. Go for it! Sadly, I sometimes douse the fire in my belly with doubt. Keep yours ignited!

    1. Doubt does that, it loves to douse the fire. I'm learning to ignore that self-doubt talk and go with the dreams instead. Trying my hardest to keep it ignited! Thanks Breathe Chick.

  2. That is all so exciting Peggy, good on you! As I've said before, sometimes you just need to take that leap of faith... and I have no doubt, it will pay dividends. You will learn so much and have a lot of fun in the process too. Happy times xo

    1. You have said that Jules, and I listened. It was time. :) xo


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