Saturday, 28 April 2012

MAEVE Magazine

Some months ago I submitted my very first article to MAEVE Magazine. MAEVE is an online magazine all about ‘raising a new generation of inspired, conscientious, creative, mindful and thoughtful little people’. I was inspired the first time I read it, it was like I'd come across every writer's best little secret. I just  love trawling through it reading all the wonderful articles. I was very, VERY pleasantly surprised to receive an email response after emailing my article saying it would feature in their Autumn edition. I was genuinely expecting a ‘thanks but no thanks’ response, which I would have been entirely happy with considering this was my very first submission ever! I was proud purely that I had pushed any fear aside and submitted it anyway, but to get a positive response was truly exciting.

If you have never read MAEVE Magazine I highly recommend you do so. You’ll see articles written by some amazingly talented writers and bloggers. And the design and photos are just beautiful. The creative force behind MAEVE is one talented Jodi Walker. A little birdie tells me she designs and creates the entire magazine herself. Amazing. How proud am I to be a part of it! 

To have a read head here, I would suggest you pour yourself a drink and scroll through the entire magazine, it's just beautiful. If you want to read my article click on 'SELF LOVE" on the menu. 


  1. Beautiful story as usual. You have always been a story teller right from young age. Well done Pegs, I'm very proud of you. xxoo :)

  2. Anonymous6:54 am GMT+8

    Peggy that's so wonderful!

    I haven't heard of MAEVE magazine until now, I just popped over, found your article and had a read...beautiful xx

    Having recently split from my husband, I am finding I am naturally so much happier and that shines through on my son; he is now so much happier and sooo much easier to handle. Beforehand he would just cling to me an not let go, I couldn't do ANYTHING! ...not even go to the toilet, have a shower, get breakfast or a coffee, do the washing etc. Now, I can do all this and I believe it's because of self-love and taking care of ME, by leaving my husband, that has made all the difference. I couldn't love myself while with him and now I can; and now I am happy and so is my son. Happy mum = happy child = happy family.

    Your beautiful nature simply shines through in your writing Peggy and it always make me feel light and free.

    Rachael xx

    1. Thank you Rachael.

      I can imagine that was a very difficult, life changing decision you made there. What a brave, BRAVE thing you did. Good for you. I do think that kids feel our tension and also our happiness. Calm mum makes for calmer kids, I know that for a fact. If that is what it took for you to love yourself then you made the best decision in the world, I am smiling for you Rachael. After all the old adage 'you have to love yourself before you can love others' is true in my opinion. You're giving yourself and your son the best version of you.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, you've made me smile in more ways than one today. xo

  3. Congratulations Peggy, that is fantastic. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Maeve, I plan to sit and have a good read when little people are sound asleep.

  4. Well done cuz! Very proud of you :) xx

  5. It's a fave for me too, Peggy. Quality. Fantastic news that you were accepted! You've arrived as far as I'm concerned!!


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