Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum eBook

As a working mum for the past decade I realised that I had to make some changes to my daily life. I often found myself tired, frazzled and resentful of my choice to work after having a child. It isn’t an easy choice and although I sometimes wish I could do things differently the truth is, at this point, I can’t. So rather than continue on fumbling my way through the craziness that often comes with working fulltime and managing a family and household, I decided to take a step back and assess my lifestyle.
The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum is a compiled guide of common sense tips that have worked for me. Aside from the obvious routine and self-discipline, I have discovered that as a high-functioning individual running a business, working fulltime and managing a family, I need to practice self-love. At times when I am in need of love and attention, I give it to myself. I have managed to establish a sensible balance and have set up some boundaries that enable me to remain grounded and somewhat sane.
I am not a health professional, I am a mum who is living the busy life of a working mum. I have spent the better part of the last decade working out what fits in with my working mum lifestyle and have actively made a choice to make life less hectic for me wherever I can. And now I share my suggestions and tips with you.
The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum is not just for the working mum, my common sense suggestions can assist any mum. And let’s face it, the stay-at-home mum faces the same issues as the working mum, in a different environment.
The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum will be available for purchase and download tomorrow. The first ten people to comment here will receive a free copy after its release. So go ahead, let me know what small changes you have made in your day-to-day life that have made a huge change to you as a mum.


  1. So looking forward to sampling the e-book. Congratulations Peggy :)

  2. Sounds like my kind of read Peggy!
    Can't wait to sample it.
    xx Clare
    PS Love your pretty new blog look - gorgeous xx

  3. Anonymous1:48 pm GMT+8

    Wow, how exciting, this year I left work and have had 6mths as a SAHM for the first time and LOVE it , but in 2012 Im starting a business, so excited..."Dont sweat the small stuff" is the best day to day advice to get through as a busy Mumma xx

  4. Oh how exciting, Peggy! This sounds fabulous and just what every mother needs, including myself.

    Your advice in your manifesto about routine resonates with me. I established a routine with Amelie very early and continue to follow some structure to the day. I think if i didnt, there would be no certainty about when one day would end and the next would start. It has suited us all and certainly made things easier for every one. I'm not sure if it was Amelie's easy, happy nature or the routine or a combination of both but what ever it was, it worked.

    I love your blog's new look too.

  5. Oooh - a new look here.
    It's gorgeous. Of course.

    I can't wait to read your work.
    But work is the wrong word entirely - insert passion, insight, wisdom, inspiration, guidance...

  6. P.s I meant to say, I am happy to purchase a copy xo

  7. ohhhhh I am so happy and excited for you. And I am totally loving the new look. So you and aso gorgeous. I am happy to purchase my copy hun. I will be back tomorrow and canr wait to download it. ;) xx

  8. Sounds great!! The one major thing I have learnt is to lett hubby do things his way. It may not be my way, but it works. It doens't always need to be me there for her, but at least one of us makes me happier. And I see what a great relationship she has with her father because of it. In the end, it's a win win.

  9. As much as I admire health professional in their different areas of practice, I do always relate to every day Mama's and their experiences so much more. They always seem to be full of such good advice. How wonderful that you have run with your knowledge and skills in this area Peggy, I wish you every success with your ebook, YAY! :o) xo

  10. The small change that I have made is thinking ahead a bit more. I am a planner but lately I have been so caught up in the schedule that I had forgotten begun ready for everything. So back to basics for me. Lookig at the calendar the day before and getting everything ready then instead of just befor we need to leave. Everyone has been a lot less stressed. Looking forward to more great tips.

  11. Thank you ladies, I love all your responses and cannot wait to share my eBook with you. I will email you your very own copy tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy it!

    Peggy xo

  12. ps...if you did not link your email address in with your comment please email me at

    Thanks again. xo

  13. I need email addresses for Bonnie, Aly and Kimberly so I can send you your free copy of my eBook, please email me with your address. Thanks again. xo


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