Friday, 2 December 2011

Grateful for the kindness of fellow bloggers

I have previously written about the awesome community I have found myself in the middle of in the blogosphere. There are some seriously generous and kindhearted folk out there! I have discovered that if you want help or advice, all you have to do is ask.

I have been harping on about my very first eBook for the past few weeks (or months?) now. The support from my fellow bloggers has been amazing, just amazing. I have had an offer from two lovely ladies to read my eBook prior to launch and even write testimonials. I am rapt, their generosity is just refreshing. I am sure Stacey from Veggie Mama and Deb from Home Life Simplified may be regretting offering to help since I am now badgering them to no end, but I am a happy little blogger. And soon to be eBook author.

Furthermore, I have been eagerly trying to find information online about writing articles and how to find writing work. After brief contact with Sarah of Ah, the Possibilities on twitter and Facebook last week I decided to email her and ask her a few questions, knowing she is a freelance writer. She very kindly, and promptly, answered my questions and gave me some very useful tips. Full of kindness and generosity.

Grateful for the community I find myself in and for the other bloggers in it.

Speaking of other bloggers, why not hop over to Maxabella loves and read some other grateful posts. 

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  1. The blogging world is a wonderful place that is for sure. Good luck with your ebook :)

  2. I am grateful to have connected with you in the last couple of months - and your ebook is fantastic! I have been on both the questioning end (especially my 1st 2 months blogging) and now the receiving end of questions from some others. I love the way everyone connects and shares information and supports each other. xxxx deb

  3. That's terrific, Peggy. Can't wait to see your eBook come to fruition!

    My sister (Al at Life in a Pink Fibro) has been a freelance writer for 20 years and she is amazeballs. She is having a 'live' Facebook event on Wednesday, 7 Dec. You really need to check it out:

    Good luck!


  4. Thank you Jodi, and thanks so much for stopping by. :) I went and had a peek at your blog, I love it! Very interested in your social media experience (for a small business I write for), will be keeping my eye on your blog. xo

  5. It's great isn't it Deb, the sense of community is just lovely. I am also grateful to have connected with you. And being a fellow 'simplifier' I am chuffed you like my eBook. Thank you. Can't wait to release it! xo

  6. Bron that is fantastic, thanks so much for the info! I have liked Allison's fb page and would love to join the chat on Dec 7th. Awesome, thanks again.

    I am still loving the grateful posts. :)

  7. Sarah from Ah the possibilities is one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world. She's just lovely! Any advice she gives will be worth it's weight in gold!

    Bloggers are pretty awesome.

  8. I agree Sass, Sarah is lovely. I have only recently started chatting to her and can already tell she is a kind soul.

    Bloggers are pretty awesome. So are blog designers. :) xo

  9. Hi Peggy, visiting from Maxabella, your e-book sounds great. When do you think it will be available to download?

  10. I love when we can celebrate what a nice place it is out here (and especially here).

  11. The blogging community is like no other! I've also have been on the end of some wise words from Al Tait and Sarah. Its so lovely to have such helpful people willing to share their wealth of knoweldge

  12. Alison thanks so much for popping over. I am hoping to release my eBook on Monday, or not long after. Just waiting on 1 more testimonial and then she is good to go! :)

  13. Thank you Shar, you're too adorable. It is especially nice here with you around. :)

  14. It is very nice Donna, I have been pleasantly surprised at the kindness of other bloggers, especially being a newbie and really having no idea sometimes. It is refreshing.

  15. Indeed, it's a wonderful community, the blogging one. So exciting that your ebook is well and truly underway Peggy, well done! :o) xo


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