Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The photographer and an interview - the week that was.

I have had an AMAZING week! As you know my eBook The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum was released last Monday. On the same day I received an email from the editor of an online UK magazine called WorkingMums asking if I would like to be interviewed. The same day as my eBook release! I had to read the email a few times to make sure it wasn't spam, I was very nicely surprised. So of course I had no trouble answering questions, but then I needed a photo. Cue Flossy Photography. If you have purchased a copy of my eBook no doubt you would have noticed the beautiful images it contains. Flossy is one of these naturally artistic types who sees beauty in the most unassuming places and things. And then she has a firecracker of a daughter who naturally has become her little muse. If you have not checked out her craft yet please head over to her blog.

Like a true artist, Flossy brought her camera, a flashy flash, tripod and a bag full of tricks into the office after I told her I was after a Mariah Carey soft lens look. Minus the flowing locks and butterfly bling. Flossy set up her camera, smoke and mirrors and off she went. Now I have to tell you I have known Flossy for over three years and we have no problem communicating. We share a similar sense of humour and opinions on most things. But to be standing there in front of the camera trying to look natural is not easy for me. I am not sure what Flossy's trick is, but she had me feeling very comfortable within minutes and while she proclaimed to be trying out the lighting and angles etc, she was busy snapping away as I was awkwardly talking and flicking my hair about, as you do. This is what she sent me:

Hair fluffing and lip gloss smudging. And this one:

She was 'testing the lighting' here. Yes she was.

I am a huge fan of spontaneous shots and very few photos I take of my family are posed or set up, I love to catch them in a natural moment when they are least expecting it. Flossy shares this philosophy. Funny enough, I loved the spontaneous shots the most and was trying to work out how I could use one for the interview. Alas I went for a more professional me and chose this one:

So here is the interview if you would like to have a read. My husband was so excited and kept asking when it was going to be published. I was playing it low key, as you do.

If you are in the Perth area and are after a photographer for pet, baby, family or individual photographs I urge you to contact Flossy. She is a talented young lass with a keen eye for authentic beauty. You can also find Flossy on twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Oh how exciting Peggy! What a wonderful week it has been for you. And I am loving those photos. You gorgeous thing! Black and white only adds to the stylish beauty you have... I personally really like that first shot, so candid, but good to know you can still look hot while fluffing and smudging ;o) xo

  2. Oh my GOSH could you possibly be any sweeter? It was my total pleasure. Mama of 2, the top one is my fav too, Peggy authentico :D I took another one where she is looking down and her eyelashes look like licorice, beaaaautiful. Hopefully with enough pressure she will post them? ;)

  3. Those photos are just gorgeous.
    The combination of a fabulous photographer and a stunning subject.
    :-) x

  4. What a week! Couldn't be more proud of such a beautiful friend!

    May you continue to be published, interviewed, & photographed!

    P.S top one! Also my fave. But the middle one is so damn artistic xx

    P.P.S wish I lived in Perth to be spoilt by Flossy's artistic-ness :)

  5. Well done, Peggy - What a thrill! I also love the first photo although all are great - no wonder given the beautiful subject and talented photographer at work.

    Just read the interview and left a comment - great work!

    P.s your kinda famous! xo

  6. How completely gorgeous are you you glammer girl.
    I am so proud and happy for you.
    I will be honest with my crazy work I have not yet finished reading your book, but as of tomorrow night I am on leave for 6 weeks and Friday I am taking myself for a date to my fave coffee shop whilst my kids enjoy their last day at school.
    Just me, coffee and you guessed it - your book! :) xx

  7. Yaaaaaay! Great pics. Love the first. So primping girl. ;)

  8. Wish I'd had the lovely Flossy when doing photos for my website - camera hubby was using died within minutes and I was up against a deadline so just crossed my fingers and hoped the website folks could do some magic - I was gutted at thier reluctance to do airbrushing - I never knew I could be so vain! Congratulations on your 1st book - I'm sure there will be lots more as you are such a natural writer. Elinor X

  9. Anonymous3:57 pm GMT+8

    Fantastic, well deserved xx

  10. Thank you Julie, I have to say though it is mostly smoke and mirrors and Flossy's amazing skill! She is a talented young lass.

    @Flossy, eyelashes like licorice? That is a nice way to put it. You're a darling. xo

    @Shar, she takes a beautiful photo. If you have a moment pop over to her blog, the photos of her daughter are just lovely.

  11. Cherie, I am utterly spoiled with Flossy living so close and always being so willing to photograph for me. Very spoiled!

    @Teresa, kinda famous? I'll take that! Thanks for the lovely comment on the interview, you're so kind.

    @Sonia, take your time lovely, why not space it out and enjoy it over a prolonged period! I take months to read books and have two on the go at the same time. Throw a few magazines into the mix and I wonder how I keep up. Enjoy gorgeous. xo

  12. Thank you Melissa, it was a lot of fun!

    @Elinor, thank you so much for dropping in. It is so nice to get feedback from like-minded souls, and I know with your passion for balance in a working mum's world you and I share a very similar vision. As for the airbrushing, it is amazing once you start to see how much difference some good editing can make to a normal looking photograph. I think the photos on your website are great. Thanks again for the lovely comment and compliments. xo

    @Jen, thanks so much, it's been surreal and a whole lot of fun!


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