Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Musings - The Reader's Edition

I get very excited over each and every new follower of my blog. When I notice a new follower I actually clap my hands with delight and give out a squeaky (but quiet) YAY! My blog is still very humble with its 36 followers but I have always been a 'quality over quantity' kinda gal. I may only have 36 followers but I really LOVE my readers. I am the Lady Gaga of blogging. If I was quick enough I would've called you all my little monsters (damn you Lady Gaga and your quick thinking)! Although, you are hardly my ‘fans’ rather my blog companions, not getting ahead of myself here.

So I got to thinking last week about the amazing comments I get on my blog posts. I smile over every single one of them. I get excited when I see a comment from one of my regular readers as I do over a new comment. But I started to wonder, even with 2, 5, sometimes 10 comments on a post, where are all my other readers lurking? I love the regular comments from my blogging buddies – Cherie from A baby called Max, Julie from Mama of 2 boys, Teresa from Amelie in Wonderland, Shar from Mum on the Run, Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups - from my Mum, my friends and from other bloggers who pop in now and again. Now I am keen to learn more about readers who have never (or rarely) commented. I want to know what inspires you, what is your passion? What is it about your daily life you love? Have you recently bought something amazing you want to share? What can you not live without? You all know I LOVE to share, I recently wrote about my love of sharing here. And essentially that is the very essence of my blog, sharing that which I find beautiful.

So if you have never commented on my blog, today is your day. I would love to hear from you. Go on then, share with me. Anything.

Ok. GO!


** Comments from regulars also essential.

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  1. Hello lovely,

    Just me again, the serial commenting pest ;)

    I come for everything that is Peggy, stay for the inspiration, marvel at the flow of your words, & walk away feeling like I've just been virtually hugged.

    I've said it before, but that positivity of yours, it's damn well infectious.

    As for the comments, I never know what attracts them, & what doesn't? Write for you :)

    Because you're fantastic.

  2. You are far from a pest Cherie, you have been my permanent support in this sometimes lonely blogosphere. If you stop commenting I will have to start stalking you, you know that right...? ;)

    Thank you for your kind words (again). I AM cyber hugging you. :)

    I love the quality and quantity of my comments, I love them! But I am curious about my readers that don't comment. I am very nosy! ha!

  3. *slaps self on wrist* ... I am TERRIBLE for this! I read every post from the blogs that I follow (including yours) and always have opinions or comments but have been too lazy of late to share these said opinions and comments!
    Your words inspire me, make me smile and encourage me to enjoy the simpler things in life!
    I love that after so many years Facebook, twitter and now the blogging world still links us together!
    Laptop is (hopefully) being purchased tomorrow ... Blogging, updates from Jagger Files and comments will be taken more seriously! He he

  4. Jayney I always know you're around. Even though I haven't seen you for years I feel like I see you every day thanks to Facebook & twitter!

    Congrats on the laptop (YAY!). I find blogging easier now with my laptop too. And I don't miss any posts of my fave blogs but I too don't comment on every one.

    Thanks for the lovely feedback, you're a sweetheart. Looking forward to more Jagger Files posts! :) xo

  5. I did think I was banned for a minute there!!
    Hee hee.
    It spins me out that people choose to read my drivel - and I appreciate every follower too.
    I love the beauty of the space you have created here - visually and in it's content & author).
    Blog on!
    P.S. I'm currently inspired by writing school reports!! I love it. Any excuse to write and be read I tell you.

  6. Hi Peggy, greetings from Scotland! I like everything you write about. You have really made me think about how big a part we play in making our own happiness. Also it's nice to imagine how your daily life is, having seen your family all those years ago! :) xx

  7. Anonymous4:34 am GMT+8

    i love your blog its so peaceful and pretty!!
    this is my first comment on a blog mainy because i dont have time to read them let alone comment but i accepted your challenge!!

  8. Shar I would never, ever ban you, you're way too much fun! I used to love writing school reports when I was a kid playing schools haha I thought I would make an awesome teacher! Enjoy lovely. :)

  9. Hi Kaisla, that's so sweet. I do love to spread positivity, it's nice to know it inspires someone. And yes, you are right, we are responsible for our own happiness. Thanks for hanging around. :) xo

  10. Ann, you have made my day! Thank you so much for commenting, it's lovely to hear from someone new. I hope you find time to hang around and read some more sometime.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, you made me smile. :)

  11. Hi Peggy, just popping in to say hello! Commenting on some of my favourite blogs is like picking up the phone for a quick chat with a friend. Like Cherie and Ann, I find your blog peaceful and happy and so visit often.

    I would love to comment more often and on more blogs I enjoy but like most aspects of my life I only have time to be a 'part time blogger' so do a lot of reading/lurking but not as much commenting as I would like.


  12. Haha, yes, I'm one of your biggest fans Peggy... blogging companion also... but big fan :o)
    You already know I just love your style and love to read what you have to say... always so well said too by the way xo

  13. Peggy your blogs is one of the blogs I go to and I enjoy reading everytime. I walk away feeling happy and often I take what you have written so beautifully and use it to assess my own life - in a wonderful way.

    You are very talented and a gorgeous soul and I am so glad I not only found your blog in the first week I started blogging myself, but I found a lovely friend, someone who I know if we met in real life we would totally gass bag for hours.

    Along with the beautiful woman who have commented above whom I adore too - We are a family of sorts, but with members we have chosen because we truly connect with them.

    Wow - now who likes like the stalker. Lol
    Love ya work hun and I look forward to continuing this journey together :) xx

  14. Don't worry Sonia, you don't sound like a stalker. I agree with everything you've said. xo

  15. Teresa the fact you visit is fabulous, you don't have to always comment. I remember kind words from you on one of my very first posts and I feel your support and encouragement in my little corner of the blogosphere. So thank you for returning. :) xo

  16. Thanks Julie, it's funny how people like us who have never met in the real world just have a natural rapport. I love it! Thanks for hanging around. :) xo

    @Sonia, thank you, you are too sweet! I am rapt to know you take something away from my ramblings. I definitely feel that connection in our little blogging circle, the amount of smiles and heartfelt warmth generated is just lovely. I definitely have a little spring in my step thanks to you lovely ladies. :) STALK ME STALK ME! haha xo


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